The Lauren Graham Emmy Snub

Over the past 24 hours, theTVaddict has received a lot of comments on how Lauren Graham was robbed once again for her long overdue Emmy Nomination. Here’s the thing, while Lauren Graham is the heart and soul of GILMORE GIRLS, she really didn’t deserve a nomination this year. Lauren Graham was submitted into the Lead Actress in a Comedy. Let me ask you this, what exactly was ‘funny’ about Lorelai’s storyline during this past season? Was it her crumbling relationship with Luke? Her drunken meltdown at Lane’s wedding? Or having to watch her gifted daughter throw her life away and drop out of college?

Don’t get me wrong, for five years Lauren Graham deserved a Lead Actress in a Comedy Emmy Nomination as much as anyone, but this year wasn’t it. Nothing about the trials and tribulations of Lorelai made me laugh this year. Let’s hope David Rosenthal puts the ‘funny’ back into Stars Hollow for what is most likely the final season.

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  • My only real argument for why she should have been nominated is the fact that Debra Messing was pretty much nominated not for her work this season, but for her work over the past 8 seasons, regardless of whether they watched one good episode or not. I’m just saying that it’s time she got recognized. But I do feel that they need a “dramedy” category, or they need to better define the “Comedy” and “Drama” so that people are submitted and shows are submitted in the correct category.

  • jstokes

    See here’s the thing with the drama/comedy argument. Debra Messing was recognized for a very dramatic year, and Helen Hunt WON for a dramatic season of MAY. Also this idea that LG shouldn’t be nominated for this particular season has to do with people’s dissapointment in the season, not a true reaction to her acting. She SHOULD have been nominated. Whether you put her in the comedy OR drama category, she should be able to garner a nomination. That is the bonus of a dramedy. You can roll both ways, which is more impressive than anything Stockard Channing did this year.

  • I agree that the Lauren Graham should be recognized in some way, shape, or form. She’s been overlooked long enough, as has the show itself and Kelly Bishop as a supporting actress.

    I also agree that the lines between drama & comedy are sometimes blurred nowadays. Gilmore Girls, if it had gotten any nominations, would probably have been in the comedy category, but this was a depressing, more dramatic year for Gilmore Girls. Boston Legal has always gotten its nominations in the drama category, but frankly, I find myself laughing out loud when watching that show more than with any other show.

    Perhaps it’s time that Comedy be split into two new categories, Sitcoms and Dramedies. Most, if not all, 30-minute comedies, especially ones with a laugh track and/or a live studio audience would go to the Sitcom category. Shows that contain both comedy & drama, like Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, and probably even Grey’s Anatomy would go to the Dramedy category. And, the Drama category would be reserved for the super serious shows that usually involve courtrooms, cops, or life-and-death situations in a hospital, like the Law & Orders, the CSI’s, The Shield, 24, etc.

    Furthermore, since shows with either a blatant or subtle element of fantasy to them usually get snubbed, despite those shows garnering more mainstream appeal lately, perhaps it’s time for a separate Science Fiction & Fantasy category. That would give Lost and Battlestar Galactica the chances that they deserve, and would encourage other sci-fi/fantasy shows like The 4400, The Dead Zone, and the two Stargates to become even better than they already are.

    Actors on sci-fi shows are always talking about how challenging it is to act with alien personas, or with robotic puppets, or in front of green screens. And yet, characters on sci-fi shows make the audience laugh & cry just as much as the characters on dramas and sitcoms, so maybe those special acting skills should be recognized just as much as others.

  • Great Post Umberhave,

    While I would love to see a genre category for Sci-Fi, it will never happen! A sub category for sci-fi will open the floodgates, as studios, networks and execs start to demand even more sub-categories… 30 minute comedy with a laugh track, comedy shot with a single camera (arrested dev, scrubs, malcolm), comedies that aren’t funny! (according to jim, rodney etc.). Well you get the idea.

    That said, voters should recognize that Battlestar is so much more then a simple sci-fi show and 100% deserved a best drama nomination.

  • And yet throughout this season, Lauren Graham has had her moments of fun and comedy. Likewise, this year’s Lead Actress in a Comedy Series had their dramatic moments (like Graham). So then why is it that this year, Channing and Kudrow of cancelled series and Kaczmerek and Messing of series that have ended are being recognized? Is it because of their names and of all of the other work they have done in their career or for the other seasons they have put in to their shows? Because then Graham deserves an equal chance.

  • Part of the reason the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences instituted (well, really re-instituted, but that’s beside the point) the blue-ribbon panel for the best actor/actress and series awards was BECAUSE of people like Lauren Graham (I’d cite a Daily Variety article that may have directly quoted that fact from like February but I’m lazy). Sadly, IMHO, I think the “new” system may have been what screwed her out of a nomination.

    In years past, when the writing material was, let’s face it, better, a panel that may have previously been unfamiliar with her work would have been wowed at her performance, sense of comic timing, etc. and given her a nomination. However, the panels this year watched a single episode from each potential nominee (and saying this, we are assuming Lauren Grahama qualified into that pool…for all we know she never got that far, sad as that may be), and if a less-than-brilliant episode was chosen, people unfamiliar with her or the show may have been, “So…and your point is? Why does everyone kiss her ass?” I still don’t know how they found Stockard Channing (or her show) funny, but that probably stems from the fact that she is well-known/well-regarded.

    And let’s not discount the Emmy politics against the WB (and UPN, and unless something miraculous happens, the CW come this fall). Fair or not, the smaller netlets are always shunned. Hell, it took Fox YEARS to get nominated for major awards, and the Emmy’s were aired on Fox during the first four years of the networks existence. The biggest reason Lauren Graham doesn’t have an Emmy is because her show is on the WB instead of a major. No, it isn’t fair, but it is reality. Whereas cable stations like HBO and FX have smartly marketed its programming to voters as something that is higher-caliber and edgier than the fare on mainstream network TV, the netlets are seen as an avenue that can’t even program the entire week or obtain 100% market saturation. The same snob system that allows Allison Janney to get nominted for a year she was barely on just because of her cache is the same system that will rebuff anything from the WB or even the Sci-Fi Channel (if Battlestar were on USA rather than Sci-Fi, they’d get more awards).

    Without getting involved in the comedy/drama debate, I think they should have picked a really good dramatic Gilmore episode and submitted it under that heading. Period. This wasn’t a strong season for the comedy. Whatever. I think the only way to ultimately decide the whole dramedy problem is to have a second comedy category, “Best Comedy Series (long form)” and rename the current category, “Best Comedy (short-form)” limiting the nominees in that category to no more than 30 minutes short-form, with everything else going longform. I mean, if Andre Braugher (who I love) got his nomination for Thief under the Mini-Series category because the show was cancelled (or unrenewed whatever) under the guidelines for episode numbers,

  • bob

    u cant blame her for what she acts, just how she does it, remember she didnt write the stuff she does!!! amy did and shes quitting cause she cant stick it out