FELICITY Question?

So I’ve been re-watching FELICITY from the beginning on Canada’s ‘W’ Network (Saturday mornings at 10am). Having never seen the series, I’ve been loving this JJ Abrams jem. My one question for seasoned FELICITY fans: What exactly does Sean do? I’m now up to season 3, and aside from a bunch of zany schemes to make money, and his never-ending documentary, how does he afford a killer loft in NYC? Another question:

Aside from that, the series is great. Felicity becomes way cooler as the series continues. Felicity’s whininess was the reason I didn’t enjoy the series initially. I thought the turning point for her character, at least for me, came when Felicity staged that sit-in at the medical clinic (best episode yet!) That said, I’m curious to see who Felicity ends up with in the end of the series. My guess is that she’ll choose Ben, but I actually enjoy the Felicity/Noel combo a lot more.

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  • John

    If I remember correctly, they said that Sean’s family has money.

  • Common Sense

    “Smooth-aise” rules! I can’t recall if Sean’s job was ever mentioned, aside from weird-inventor. Best series ever. Can’t wait to see if you like the final 3 episodes of Season 4—Keri’s a scream.

  • Latoia

    I can’t remember where Sean get’s money ever really being explained. I know his family never had money (his dad was like him alway tring to invent things there was mention of a screwless chair) But I remember at one point all the furniture was repo’d

  • Dominique

    Sean didn’t do anything but he had money from his family and he had guys and girls rent rooms at his loft. I think Sean’s occupation if one of the mystery of Felicity. Sean was my future husband back in the Felicity days. I still find him adorable!

    Felicity was my fave show after 90210. They are my top 2 shows and will forever be!

    Felicity had the hardest choice because Ben and Noel were both great guys.

  • Ah, TV Addict! Welcome to one of my all-time favorite shows! LOVE Felicity. Sean’s only real income came from his roomates, as I recall. He depended on Ben’s rent money. He was an inventor (disposable cameras in the vending machine, Smoothaise, etc.) who never really sold a big invention. He also tried his hand at documentary filmmaking which gave us two of the BEST episodes ever. As for how he could afford that loft is anyone’s guess. I just put it there with suspending belief that Felcity/Megan’s dorm room in Season 2 is the size of a penthouse. Just go with it.

    Tube Talk Girl

  • tanvihuar

    no..sean's family is actually not very well-off…his dad is shown to be like him..only coming up with unsuccessful lame ideas….that said…i myself have no idea where does he gets money from..i think some of it comes by renting his apartment