A few years back, I completely missed the bandwagon that was THE SOPRANOS. With last night’s premiere of Showtime’s BROTHERHOOD (Canada’s Showtime equivalent TMN gave us a sneak peak) I made sure to tune in. After-all, I didn’t want to miss yet another gripping mob/family drama, and be left with nothing to talk about at the ‘watercooler’.

Let me be the first to say that after watching the first episode, I’ll be glued to my TV for the next 10. BROTHERHOOD revolves around the Caffee family – a typical American family living in Providence R.I. Of course like all good television, nothing is as it seems. Our two lead brothers lie on opposite ends of the moral spectrum. Tommy (Jason Clarke) is the hard working politician (or so he seems), who is happily married to Eileen (Annabeth Gish) (except for the fact she’s cheating on him). Michael (Jason Isaacs) is the mysterious older brother who just re-appeared after a six-year absence and has his own way of dealing with issues in the community (namely brutal and blood-soaked violence).

With fantastic acting, a really interesting location (I’ve never seen a show set in Providence before) and some fascinating story possibilities, BROTHERHOOD has the look of yet another winner for Showtime. No doubt critics will paint it as a Sopranos knock-off, but as someone who completely missed that bandwagon, I’m more then happy to hang out in Providence R.I. for the next 10 weeks.

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