Okay that title was unnecessarily cruel, but the truth is, EVERWOOD is returning…. to Canadian TV. Staring this FALL 2006, VisionTV will begin airing EVERWOOD from the beginning. This is great news for Canadians who don’t have access to ABC Family (the US network that is airing EVERWOOD this fall). So until the WB finally comes to its senses and releases the rest of the series on DVD, fans of TV’s best drama will still be able to watch their favourite show.

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  • Nicole

    *sniffle* Everwood needs to come back – ABC Family could be the perfect place for it – not just for re-runs….

  • Steph

    It’s sad that it’s over…but for me, who has yet to watch an episode of it (it was always on The WB and I didn’t exactly have that channel until very recently) I am really glad to hear that they’ll air reruns on a Canadian channel!

    I just have to get onto my television and figure out what channel Vision TV is on.

  • wow, that’s great ’cause i live in canada and i’ve only seen a few episodes of the series (season 3).

  • Jane

    I discovered the first season at the library. And then was thrilled to see it return on TV last spring, only to have it cancelled after a few episodes! I’m so pleased to be able to watch it (although it will be 4 years until I can watch the whole 4 seasons!). Just keep fighting & writing letters to petition the “powers that be” to get this wonderful show up & running again!