Why LOST lost (an emmy nod)

Tom O’Neil writes a great piece for the LA TIMES on why LOST and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES are responsible for their own lack of EMMY success. Apparently, snagging Emmy Nominations is as complicated and strategic as winning the Superbowl. For a more concise answer, check out the article by clicking here.

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  • Common Sense

    Good insights from Mr. O’Neil. Still, there’s something wrong with a system when one particular episode is used to judge the “best series” of the entire year….or “best actress,” etc. Remember when GUEST actors & actresses used to be nominated for “Best Actor”—and wound up winning at times!? Ruth Gordon on “Taxi” comes to mind. You see how the rules were changed rather quickly. As a voting “Academy” with so-called industry “savvy,” you’d think the judges would be more up-to-date with televison entries than the common viewer; so the whole argument about them being unfamiliar with the shows doesn’t hold water. I’d be curious to know which DH episode Alfre Woodard submitted that snagged a nom. More than likely, it was her longtime reputation and name-recognition that voters connected with.