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Hello and welcome to “The Emmys: Aftermath.”

I’ve had time to reflect on the nominations and like most “critics” and columnists, I have my opinions, bad and good, on the inclusions and exclusions that came this Thursday past.

I want to take some time to reflect on the fact that I actually averaged a 2.6/5 for correct nominations in the drama categories, and a 2.4/5 for correct nominations in the comedy categories. (In comedy, I’d like to say that my less than stellar percentage for comedies has a lot to do with the Two and a Half Men upsets, and Desperate Housewives shockers; in drama, my slightly higher than 50% average has to do with the fact that big names like Hugh Laurie and LOST didn‘t score big.)

In the coming weeks, you’ll see my choices for category winners along with thetvaddict’s choices and Jenny’s picks. I’m interested to see how our predictions turn out come August 27! [TVaddict Note: Click here to view our 2006 Emmy Predictions Page

Today, after having a few days to reflect on the nominations and some time to cool down over the various omissions, I want to spout out my Good, Bad, and Ugly (or the What the…) of the Emmys.

The Good: House, 24, and Grey’s Anatomy got nominated for the big series award. Denis Leary was recognized as was my favorite SVU-er Christopher Meloni. This could be my Kiefer’s year for the big win, and I would love that. Kyra Sedgewick was nominated quite deservedly, and the President and First Lady from 24 (Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart) were nominated, and should win! The supporting actresses from Grey’s getting recognition. Arrested Development, Scrubs, and The Office up for the big award. Tony Shalhoub was nominated! Jeremy Piven was deservingly nominated! Will Arnett is simply amazing, and he’s so worthy! Hardly any Desperate Housewives, so yay!

The Bad: No Hugh Laurie, no Kristen Bell, no Lauren Graham, no Ellen Pompeo, no Katherine Heigl, no Matthew Fox, no Michael Cera, no Tony Hale, no Jeffrey Tambor, no David Cross, no Neil Patrick Harris, no How I Met Your Mother, Alfre Woodard took a supporting actress nom from Jessica Walter or Kelly Bishop, no The Shield, no Mary-Louise Parker, no James Gandolfini, no Edie Falco

The Ugly (What the…): Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, No LOST in the major category, no Jason Bateman, no Zach Braff, no John Krasinski, no Battlestar Galactica in the major categories (I’m sure they really appreciate the “makeup” and “costume” award nominations…)

What are your thoughts on the Emmys now that the noms have had the opportunity to sink in?

On another note – I’ve been without my TiVo for a month. It’s been like hell on earth. Living life prior to TiVo wasn’t so hard. I had VCRs out the wazoo, and taped everything I could. Then I got my TiVo and my life was instantly 100% better. I had all the shows I wanted in one location and it was sheer happiness. And then, my TiVo died. A sad sad death. And I got in an argument with the TiVo return people, and out of angriness, and spite, I took some time to get the TiVo back to them, taking advantage of the fact that I didn’t have to, and wasn’t ever going to, pay (besides the 10 bucks I had to pay to ship it….). The TiVo center has received my TiVo and my brand new working TiVo should return this Wednesday, and make my life better again. (As an aside, unfortunately, I lost my Arrested Development series finale, and my very favorite episode of The Backyardigans hahaha!) Without TiVo, however, I’ve had to forgo watching some shows that I normally wouldn’t have missed. And my poor Luke Perry is suffering because of it.

I love Luke Perry. I continue to remind myself, on a weekly basis, that I love Luke Perry and always will love Luke Perry, no matter what role he is playing. Even though I’m trying my hardest to love Windfall because I love Luke Perry, it’s making me insane with the plot holes, and the characters’ chemistry-lacking interactions. That, combined with Lana Parilla’s soccer mom with a heart of gold haircut and the fact that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is airing opposite this show, has me slowly losing my desperate grip on the show and my darling Luke Perry. Since I’ve been taping it, I have had no interest in working the VCR to allow myself to watch it and I worry that when TiVo arrives in the mail this week, I‘ll be too far removed from the storylines to want to care!

Falcon Beach has also fallen by the way side. While I wasn’t sold on the show from the very first episode, I had hope that it would get better. However, without the TiVo, I’ve had no interested in taping it. Since it’s been airing at 9 on Mondays opposite The Closer and Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve had to give it up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up in an ABC family marathon or something, but for right now, it’s a casualty of the TiVo-less lifestyle I’ve been forced to live.

Also suffering? Last Comic Standing, Rock Star: Supernova, and Big Brother. Sure, they’ve all recently premiered, but I’ve been without the TiVo, and cannot remember to set the VCR as often as I need to. Having missed important episodes of the three reality series’, I’m inclined to not care as much about the outcome, and ultimately, to just wait until their over, and read about them later.

As for The Closer, Saved, Kyle XY, and So You Think You Can Dance – I’m trying my damnedest to catch every episode, and with the reappearance of my lovely little TiVo box, I should be back on track. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the shows that I’ve let go might never be on the “must-see” list again!

Favorite moment of TV this week:

I’d be lying if I said that my favorite hour of TV doesn’t come on Thursday nights with a little gem called It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This week’s best moment was when Dennis and Sweet Dee sat on their front stoop at 10AM, drunk as skunks, singing along to Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend”. It was the perfect crazy humor that makes this show worth watching week after week!

I’d also like to take a minute to welcome Monk back to the air. Let’s also give a little “mytakeontv” round of applause to Psych, the new Monk!lite show that airs with it. I think they’ll make a nice little Friday night combo!

Good TV + Good Music = An Obsession

Grey’s Anatomy + Josh Rouse’s “Sad Eyes” = a thoughtful ending to a sad Thanksgiving episode

When the song starts playing, Meredith and McDreamy are saying “goodbye” as if they were just saying goodnight, and going home, only to return and say hello the next day. The weight of the word “goodbye” as they utter it after a particularly grueling Thanksgiving Day suggests that they aren’t just saying goodbye for the night, but perhaps forever, as she goes home to her friends, and he goes home to his she!devil wife. It’s also a turning point in the Burketina relay – the moment where he confides that he was nice and that his mother owned a restaurant and she tells him she skipped dinner for a foreign body removal surgery. Of course, there’s a bittersweet ending for Izzy, whose day was almost ruined because her friends gave up on the holiday. It really is a beautiful song – if you like it, and Josh Rouse, you should definitely check out “Love Vibration” from the Scrubs Vol.2 Soundtrack.

That’s it for today! Join me next week as I wax philosophic about TV as I see it!

Thanks for reading – send me a hello at I’m always interested to hear your thoughts!

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  • Dave

    You make some great points, and like I have said before, you’re wit always cracks me up. ANd also I think Keifer should win. Carlos Bernard should escort him to the Emmy’s and go up to the podium with him. Just a thought.

  • Thank you for recognizing Christopher Meloni in the “good” category! He’s been overlooked in many articles and analysists of the Emmy nominations because he is from a well-known show, but people are forgetting that this is his first nomination–and a well-deserved one too! I agree, Alfre Woodard snatched up the spot from wonderful actresses like Jessica Walter and Kelly Bishop who make every episode they’re in even better. And I’m still not sure why Kevin James got a nomination over Jason Bateman or Zach Braff…

  • I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks Marcia Cross doesn’t deserve a nomination for Desperate Housewives HAS NOT been watching. It really pisses me off that so many people are bad-mouthing the show, yet they don’t even watch themselves. And no, I’m not talking about just ONE episode. I’m talking about really watching the show. If you did—you’d know that her and Eva Longoria have done Emmy worthy work this season.

  • Let it be known that I said that Marcia Cross deserved a nomination in my original “Emmys: Comedy” column from last week 🙂 I completely agree that she did Emmy calibur work, but I don’t think the show itself is worthy of as much acclaim as it has received! I watch the show on a weekly basis, but do not care for it as much as most die hard fans do, and I agree with most critics that the quality of season 2 was lower than season 1. But I agree – Marcia deserved a nom, and it is extremely shocking to see Stockard Channing instead of her, in all honesty!