Showtime’s BROTHERHOOD to air on CBS

In an effort to expose their new summer drama BROTHERHOOD to more eyeballs, CBS (a sister network of Showtime) will re-air the premiere episode of BROTHERHOOD this Saturdan night. CBS President Les Moonves states, “This is just one example of how content divisions in our company can work together to compliment and support each other’s efforts.”

CBS isn’t the only network promoting another network’s series. ABC is re-airing KYLE XY Friday evenings at 10pm, following the original airing of the episode on ABC Family (Mondays at 8pm).

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  • Sam

    I haven’t seen the show, but is a ‘typical’ premium cable show in the fact that it is rated TV-MA? If so, does this mean a lot will be edited out of the CBS rebroadcast?

  • Having watched the show, I don’t think the episode will be butchered by Network editors. There is one or two scenes that are a little too bloody for network TV, and may be toned down. But unlike other cable shows, there isn’t a lot of swearing (at least that I remember) so there isn’t a lot of editing to be done in terms of dialogue. It will be interesting to see if the two shows differ.