Fall TV Preview 2006: Justice

theTVaddict.com is thrilled to welcome a new contributing editor onboard, Richard Michaels. Richard is theTVaddict’s newest TV Insider, a man so ‘in-the-know’ that he’s already seen most of the Fall 2006 TV pilots. That said, here’s the first of his Fall TV Previews for 2006.

You’ve seen the ads. You’ve heard the hype. Now there’s only one thing you want to know: Which of the new fall shows are worth watching and which should be avoided at all costs? In this continuing series, we’re going to give you the scoop on some of the most highly anticipated shows coming down the pike. Which will be the next Gilmore Girls or Lost?And just as importantly, which will be the new Joey? This week, we sneak a peek at the new Fox drama, JUSTICE.

When it’s on: Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox, debuting August 30

What’s it about: The Art of War, courtroom style

Who’s in it: Victor Garber (Alias), Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek)

The twist: Only after the verdict renders a verdict will the audience see – via flashback – what really happened when the crime was committed.

Hit or miss: Based on the pilot, this is a show which could become very addictive. Garber’s character – Ron Trott – is an obvious attempt to recreate the acerbic “man you love to hate” dynamic which has turned House into a ratings dynamo for the network. Unfortunately, this is a character we tend to hate more than love… which isn’t the ideal way to win over an audience. Smith’s Tom Nicholson — described to us in the opener as “the good-looking, all-American face of not guilty” — helps the bitter taste a lot sweeter with his puppy-dog face and smooth, jury-friendly demeanor. This show won’t be mistaken for another in the Law & Order franchise and is, in fact, more CSI that SVU (which is not particularly surprising as it comes from the former’s executive producer, Jerry Bruckheimer). It’s flashy, a tad trashy and more than a little fun. The cast is appealing and the pilot features a fun sub-plot regarding a Nancy Grace-like character and her show, American Crime. By the end of the initial episode, sparks are flying between the journalist and Garber’s attorney, and their future interaction just might be the key to helping audiences develop their own sort spot for the lawyers of TNT&G.

The competition: Facing off against Lost, Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill and The Biggest Loser, it may all come down to how long Fox is willing to wait for this show to pay off. If it can hold on until January – at which point it will be put in the odd position of leading into the seemingly unstoppable American Idol there just might be room for a little Justice in this world after all.

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    Sounds great! I’m jealous, too! Every year up til now I’ve gotten all the screeners but… they are seriously lacking this year! 🙁 lol