Battlestar Galactica Webisodes

In an interview wity SyFy Portal, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA writer David Weddle talked about the upcoming third season of the hit Sci-Fi show, as well as the webisodes that are slated to appear on soon.

Brad and I wrote the Webisodes which will soon be appearing on the SciFi Web site, They tell a story of life under Cylon occupation on New Caprica that will set the table for Season 3 and set in motion the cataclysmic events that cause … but I’m getting ahead of myself. You’ll have to wait until October to see it all unfold

This TV addict has been anxiously awaiting the third season premiere since he downloaded the entire series off iTunes in the spring. The big questions of course is, not what happened on ‘New Caprica’ throughout the missing year… rather, can BSG’s season three live up to the hype. Writer David Weddle seems a bit nervous.

We obsess about the scripts and whether they’re good enough, whether we’re dropping the ball and letting our fans down. That’s what wakes me up in the middle of the night, bathed in cold sweat. Every member of the cast and crew knows we have created something extraordinary and we don’t want to get lazy or comfortable and let the quality erode.

Good to know the writers are taking the show as seriously as us fans!

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