The David Sutcliffe Interview (Part II)

No sword is as double-edged as landing a role on a hit TV show. On the one hand there’s the chance to do what you love, have millions of fans get to know your work and — perhaps most importantly — earn a steady paycheck. On the other, by taking on the role of Rory’s dad on GILMORE GIRLS, David Sutcliffe might well have found himself forever trying to escape Christopher’s shadow.

Fortunately, when not ticking off fans by interferring in Luke and Lorelai’s romance, Sutcliffe has found time to squeeze in other roles which assured he would not wind up being typecast. (Think it doesn’t happen? Quick… what else has SEINFELD’s Soup Nazi been in? Or DALLAS alum Linda “Sue Ellen” Gray?) In fact, even as Christopher played second fiddle to Luke, Sutcliffe proved himself leading man material by heading up the 2003 sitcom I’M WITH HER alongside Teri Polo. “Shooting I’M WITH HER was a great experience,” shares the handsome actor. “The schedule was very easy compared to GILMORE, and it was great to perform in front of a live audience, getting laughs and feedback immediately.”

Despite HER being branded by many critics a sure-fire hit, the sitcom – in which Sutcliffe’s charming everyman, Patrick Owen, found himself falling for Polo’s glamorous superstar, Alex Young – lasted only a season. “I think the show had moments throughout the season that were really strong,” admits the actor. “Overall, the show was good with some fun moments. When I look at what is on TV now — and I certainly looked at what was on the following year — I really felt the show deserved a chance.” But middling ratings weren’t enough for then-fourth place ABC, which had yet to rise to the top with the help of a few DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and those LOST castaways.

Meanwhile, as fans wait with baited breath to see what will happen following Christopher and Lorelai’s ill-advised roll in the hay, Sutcliffe is spending the summer in Panama playing an FBI mercenary out to rescue two kidnapped girls — one of whom just happens to be pals with his TV-daughter. “The girls I’ve come down to rescue are America Ferrera and Erika Christensen. I’ve gotten to know America because she’s good friends with Alexis [Bledel, Rory] since they worked together in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She’s a great girl, and I’m really looking forward to the opportunity.”

This fall, as Christopher’s future with Lorelai is being decided, Ferrera will be making a play for the hearts of viewers as the star of ABC’s telenovela UGLY BETTY. So does Sutcliffe have any tips which might help her deal with the difficulties of heading up a prime time series? “Doing 22 episodes of anything can be very stressful,” he warns. “Just make sure you’re having as much fun as you can and make people laugh.”

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  • Babette

    Whatever happened to the answers to these burning questions?

    David’s thoughts on Amy-Sherman Palladino’s exit.
    His relationship with Lauren Graham
    The evolution of Christopher
    And most importantly, could Christopher take Luke down in a fight for Lorelai’s Love!

    Tease lol!!

  • Babette,

    They were all answered in part 1 of the interview, albeit not is as much depth as you may have liked.

    In terms of who would win in a fight between Luke and Christopher, it didn’t really fit into the overall piece, but here’s David’s answer:

    I think if were were both on skates I could take him! (David, being Canadian, is naturally a huge hockey fan and plays in a weekly hockey game in LA). Flat footed… Scott is quite a good boxer. He’s is a real athlete, he was in the Yankees farm system. He spent a season in Triple ‘A’ Ball and was a very serious athelete. I’m a good athelete, but there’s a difference between a good athelete and someone who almost made it to the show!

  • Babette

    LOL, thanks.

  • amandda

    that was a sucky ending considering we had to wait Forever for it!

  • amandda

    You know it would have been great if you didn’t leave anything out!

  • amandda

    You know it would have been great if you didn’t leave anything out

  • Brynhildur

    yes don’t leave anything out…. but good interview

  • Renae

    Thank you for Part II. The show that Mr. Sutcliffe is currently working on in Panama something that will air in the U.S. or is it a movie? Inquiring minds would love to know. Thanks.

  • Pierpont the Gnome

    IMDB lists a film called “Towards Darkness”.

    Description is:

    “Deals with 90 minutes in a kidnapped hostage’s life, and the frustration his family, a special ops team, and a man in charge of delivering the ransom money all feel as they rush to save him.”

  • lisa

    I will miss David Sutcliffe in the role of Chris I think he was an interesting character to play he made that show interesting and fun to watch I think it’s Lorelai’s loss.

  • Danielle

    I hate Christopher as a character and for the way that he treated Lorelai all these years. I think she rushed into things with him so fast because Luke pushed her away repeatedly. Chris offered her what she wanted and she took it without thinking;but never really gave herself to him. She never completely gives herself to anyone but Rory.

    Even without that said, David Sutcliffe is totally hot and I will miss him as eye candy on GG. Hope they make it to another season.

  • It’s good to have a positive change for Christopher’s character, hope there will be a nice twist, like showing a maturing character for Lorelai and him, make them a little more responsible, and maybe focus on more romance for them as a couple, makes for a great image change, good parent role model for the younger couple crow. They look good together, make the characters work! Please!