The Everwood Grand Gesture

The folks over at Save Everwood have finally confirmed when and where the Grand Gesture will take place. If you’re in the LA area on Friday July 21st between 1 and 6pm and you see a Ferris Wheel in a surprising place, you may wish to stop by. The cast, crew and creative team from EVERWOOD have all been invited to help show the CW (and the WB DVD Dept.) how much EVERWOOD means to the five million faithful fans. Click here for all the details, including maps, directions and more.

If you’re planning on stopping by the event on Friday, you may want to wear some seriously cool EVERWOOD SWAG, check out my Everwood designs at theTVaddict Swag Shop

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  • Nicole

    ’bout time this is going!!! Too bad I’ll be moving my stuff then, but can’t wait for pics and all that. Save Everwood, people!!!!!

  • seanthebond

    Damn… I saw Everwood in my RSS feed and clicked it expecting to hear the CW finally decided to bring the show back…. Oh well, it could still happen.

  • rob

    the show has to be saved!

  • Liz

    I’m trying to work out what I can sell in order to get enough money for a plane ticket to LA in time for Friday…. Hmmm, I have a spare kidney…