The View Shines Sans Star

STAR JONES-REYNOLDS fifteen minutes of fame are officially…..12…13….14…. up. ABC is reporting that in the first week without Star, THE VIEW had its best ever ranking in women 18-49. Of course ABC does neglect to mention that THE VIEW did have a slew of guest-hosts this week, which generally equals higher ratings for any talk show (lord knows this TV addict would only turn on Live with Regis with Kathie Lee was on vacation!). No doubt ratings will break records yet again when ROSIE O’DONNELL joins the cast in September.

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  • ABC also failed to mention that people were tuning in to see reaction to the scandal. Would Barbara and Joy dish about it? Would the guest stars? Ratings always go up for any show following a scandal…

  • yanit

    Yeah, the ratings with Rosie will initially be high also because of the scandal and people like me will be waiting for her first Big Blunder or embarrasment.

  • I really can’t stand Barbara or Elizabeth. I really hope Elizabeth is the next to go–she drives me insane. She’s always talking really really fast because she’s afraid people aren’t gonna hear what she has to say. Sweetheart, if people don’t care what you have to say, doesn’t that tell you someting? I’ve visited the messageboards and the hate for this girl is ubiquitious. How do you become a talk show host after being on a crappy reality show in the first place?

    I really just can’t wait until Rosie gets there and puts this conservative air-head in her place.