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I tend to watch almost every show on the planet (minus a few big ones that I just have never gotten into), so my guide to THIS WEEK ON TV will probably be different then most people’s. I’ll try and highlight even the shows that I don’t watch as well. 😉

Starting off this week, there are only 2 new shows on, both of which I love! The 4400 & The Dead Zone. Things are heating up on The 4400, as Isabelle is getting pretty damn freaky & powerful. Can Tom & the other Ntac agents stop her? I love The Dead Zone so much more when the story isn’t focused around Stillson and the apocalypse! This week, Johnny joins a group about to commit a violent robbery. I’m wondering if we’ll see Sarah this ep! We haven’t seen her at all this season!

On Monday, there aren’t a lot of choices for new shows. Treasure Hunters is new on NBC. It’s a pretty decent clone of The Amazing Race. You can still catch it if you haven’t yet. Also new is that brash, loud Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX. This week, the two teams get to create their own menus. Will it be ground up hot dogs? *laugh* (If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, catch last week’s rerun the hour before the new ep on Monday.)

Of all the Monday shows, I have to say that The Closer on TNT is by far my favorite. I absolutely adore Brenda and her crew and Fritz is pure sexy! Be sure and check out the new eps of Saved, KyleXY and Falcoln Beach as well.

Tuesday has a few offerings, including Last Comic Standing, Queer Eye, Big Brother: All-Stars & Rock Star: Supernova. Two new series are starting tonight as well. First, on ABC, is the 2 hour series premiere of The One: Making a Music Star. Eleven contestants attend a music academy in LA & compete for a recording contract. Ok, how many music contests do we need?? I’m much more excited about the 2nd new series.

On SciFi, the new show Eureka has its own 2 hour series premiere. This show is about a Pacific Northwest town that appears normal but actually is home to many of the world’s geniuses. Matt Roush from reviews it here. It looks pretty interesting and Matt gave it a pretty good review, so it’s probably something that I’ll love! lol

The best part about Tuesday has to have its own paragraph… SciFi is starting tonight, 7/18, to air Dead Like Me. If you’ve never seen this terrific show, you should absolutely check it out now. It was completely different from anything I’d ever seen before and probably will never see again. It was cancelled way before its time, thanks to Showtime. Damn them.

I only have 2 shows on Wednesday that I’ll watch. Week two of the semifinals on America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance both are new. You can also check out The One: Making a Music Star & Rock Star: Supernova results shows, where one contestant is eliminated from both competetions.

On Thursday, there are 3 more elmination shows, including the first elimination for America’s Got Talent, 2 more dancers voted off So You Think You Can Dance & 1 houseguest evicted on Big Brother: All-Stars. Also new are Windfall, where Peter heads to Belgium and Nina’s daughter is hospitalized. Master of Champions (is anyone watching this awful, crappy show? LOL) is also new, but I don’t even recommend watching that one. bleh.

The best part of Thursday, in my opinion, is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Again this week, there are 2 new eps. In the first ep, the 4 friends are given community service for the arson mishap. The title of the 2nd ep is Charlie Wants an Abortion. HAHA Absolutely no topic is safe for this show. It slays me!

Up until the last couple of weeks, Fridays were absolutely dead this summer. But no more! Now, Friday is home to 4 of the greatest shows on tv currently!

First up is the USA network. Mr. Monk and the Big Game is on at 9/8c. A lot of people may not like Monk’s assistant Natalie, but personally, I love her. She doesn’t put up with a lot of Monk’s crap, but still nurtures him in a way that he needs. After Monk is the new show Psych. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece (Yes, notice the spelling!) is on at 10/9c. This is a perfectly paired show with Monk. James Roday, as Shawn Spencer, and Dule Hill, as Gus, are perfect paired as well. I absolutely love Dule Hill. I never watched his as Charlie Young on The West Wing, but I saw him guest star on several shows and enjoyed him on Celebrity Poker Showdown as well. Psych is my newest favorite show!

Last up is Stargate Sg-1 & Stargate Atlantis on SciFi. The new seasons started last week, finally helping to end the summer of reality & reruns. On tonight’s episodes, a planet’s inhabitants die from a mysterious illness on SG-1, and on Atlantis, the team must decide what to do with hundreds of human-form Wraith prisoners. *shudder* Those Wraiths are CREEPY! Sure, SG-1 & Atlantis aren’t Battlestar Galactica, but I love them. I’m not a huge BSG fan, so these fulfill my science fiction requirement well!

What a way to end the week! 4 great shows on. Who knew Friday would be the night to stay home? 😉 Check back next week for the Miss Universe 2006 Pageant (w00t? LOL), Tabloid Wars, 30 Days, Who Wants to Be a Superhero (No, not Heroes! 😉 ) & more! And please, leave your comments. What summer shows are you enjoying most? What new ones are you waiting for? Let me know!

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  • John

    I agree that “The Dead Zone” is best when it is not about Stillson and the apocalypse. The self-contained episodes are more interesting and the apocalypse arc is foolish.

  • Jenny

    I don’t know if it is necessarily foolish, but it is OLD NEWS. heh Either deal with it and move on or just abandon it completely and let us forget they ever brought it up. I like the IDEA of the apocalypse/Stillson storyline, just not how it seemed to be the center of almost every episode.

    Speaking of TDZ, how fantastic was the ep with the major car pileup? Did you, John, or anyone else figure out ahead of time that the “cop” was really the bad guy? I pegged it within the first couple minutes after meeting the cop for the first time. Dunno why. heh

  • Sam

    I really enjoy The 4400 this season as well. I only watch three reality series this summer, Treasure Hunters, Big Brother: All Stars and I Wanna Be a Soap Star. My favorite new show in a long time is definitely Psych and you are right, it is perfectly paired with Monk and the two leads work extremely well with each other.

    Nice picks!

  • Jenny

    Thanks! 🙂 I love the 4400, too! Isabelle is just creepy!

  • John

    I figured out the cop was the bad guy just based on too many years watching TV. Also, I thought the fake cop was played by the guy who plays Walt. It turns out he is the brother of the guy who plays Walt.

  • I watched the first season of The 4400 on DVD because I bought it for my mother (she never ended up watching it–by the way) and I loved it. Unfortunately I missed the entire second season and have yet to get around to it on DVD. I miss it! 🙁

  • Shannon

    I agree with alot of your picks – but no Project Runway on Wed?! You should check it out! A great guilty pleasure!

  • Jenny

    Ugh. lol I just can’t stand shows like that and America’s Next Top Model. Just bleh. hah Dunno why. 🙂