Thoughts on Entourage

So Vinnie may lose AQUAMAN 2 to Jake Gyllenhall, or as Ari so eloquently puts it, “Brokeback Aquaman.” Why do I feel like I’ve already seen this story before? Possibly because I have, in real life!

Readers may remember Tobey Macguire trying to pull the same stunt and almost being replaced by Jake Gyllenhall for Spider-man 2. Is it just me, or has ENTOURAGE gone a little to ‘inside Hollywood’ this season? Perhaps the writers could come up with some ‘original’ stories and stop devising plots that have been ‘ripped from the headlines.’ If I wanted to watch episodes that I’ve read about in the newspaper, an episode of LAW & ORDER is just a click away.

Did I love tonight’s episode, not really. This season, ENTOURAGE has taken a page from the LOST playbook. Essentially nothing happens in every episode until the final scene, when we’re left with a quasi-cliffhanger to leave us hooked until the following week. Obviously I have no will power and will be tuned in next week – but not for the plot, more so to see Lloyd turn into the Next Hollywood Super-Agent and make Drama the star he’s dying to become.

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  • Tim

    Dude, it’s just Entourage. Think maybe you are taking it a bit too serious?

  • i take my tv VERY seriously 🙂

  • OMG I am LOVING Lloyd. He and Ari are the best comedic team. I swear–they have me laughing my ass off every damn week. Ari throwing I think a stapler at Lloyd last night was hilarious. Then slamming the phone.

    Did anyone else feel like Paul Haggis’ performance was really forced? I know he’s not an actor–but neither is James Cameron and he was awesome. i dunno, it just seems like they wrote Paul as this like…bitchy artist-y director type–and Haggis just didn’t get it across believably.

  • killercatfish

    Perhaps, you are right tv addict…but perhaps we shall be suprised at the inginuity of the writers. Maybe Vince will somehow now get Median, and Warners can lament in their loss.