Confessions Of a TV Addict

“It could never happen to me.” Even when you see the news stories about how the tragedy can strike swiftly and unexpectedly, with no regard for gender, religion or background.

In other words, it could happen to anyone.

“But it could never happen to me.”

Or so I thought.

It’s 8:30 on a Sunday evening. As I’m preparing to leave the house for a night on the town, I do what millions of Americans (and Canadians) effortlessly do each day: I head over to the TV so I can TIVO the shows I’d otherwise miss while out. I click on over to the ‘guide’, see Entourage, push the record button and… Oh my God… say it isn’t so…

My TIVO is full!

How did this happen? Surely, I don’t TIVO that many shows! Am I THAT addicted to TV? (If you’re reading this site, we might well share a common affliction!)

With only a few precious minutes remaining before I absolutely have to leave the hosue or cancel my dinner plans, I face every TIVO owner’s version of Sophie’s Choice: What can I delete to make room for the shows I absolutely can’t miss?

I quickly flick over to the “recorded programs” list and am amazed by the number of backlogged shows waiting to be watched. The final seven episodes of 24… the last four episodes of Scrubs… an entire season of Beautiful People… and then there are the repeats of 90210, The West Wing… so many shows, so little room on the TIVO. But what can I possibly delete?

I’m already late for dinner and pressure is mounting. Little beads of sweat fall off my forehead.

Do I really need to watch Beautiful People? (Yes damit, I have to support all Melrose Place alumni!), What about 24? Thanks to the deadly combination of the internet and my inability to leave a spoiler unread, I already know how Jack’s day will end. 90210? Sure, the show died long ago, but when TVtropolis began airing reruns, I swore to watch every episode from the beginning). And Everwood will remain alive on my TIVO until the day I die (or the WB gets its act together and releases the remaining seasons on DVD).

In the end, sacrifices must be made. Wincing, I decide the only answer is to delete the movies which I can always catch on their next viewing. So I bid Mr. & Mrs. Smith farewell, knowing I eventually will return to the birthplace of Brangelina. Farewell, National Treasure (Yes, it stars Nicolas Cate, but I still love this flick. We all have our secret shames.)

With the movies I’ve deleted, I finally have enough room for the Entourage gang and anything else I might randomly decide to record.

Crisis averted. For now…

So before you dismiss this warning and naively allow yourself to think that your TIVO – being the latest model with all the bells and whistles – would never put you in this unholy position. I’m here to tell you it can — and will.

So take a minute to scroll through your Recorded list. If you still have the final season of Friends, Frasier and Sex & The City on your TIVO… you may have a serious problem. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

theTVaddict question: What shows should be delted from your TIVO but you just don’t have the heart to?

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  • j-dog

    Do you consider a night on the town a dinner at Casey’s or Applebees? lol.

  • Depends what country I’m in!

    USA: Chili’s (yum, Ribs) or TGIF (addicted to cheese sticks)
    CANADA: Casey’s or if i’m looking for really crazy there’s always Tony Roma’s. (again, yum Ribs)

    In case you’re wondering… tonight is ordering in Swiss Chalet (ribs yum again!)

    Thanks for posting J-Dog!

  • This has happened to me three times now. I actually have three TiVos (one in my bedroom, the living room, and kitchen), with the living room TiVo getting full the most, since I use it a lot more than the others. What did I delete? Anything and everything that I knew was available in some way or another. Seasons one and two of Rescue Me – gone (now I have the DVDs) Every episode of the short-lived The Comeback – gone (Pre-ordered the DVDs on Amazon). And all of my pay per view movies – I can always Netflix them. But lately though I’ve been keeping up with my list of recorded shows, deleting them after I watch them. I know the DVDs will come out some day.

  • j-dog

    Aren’t you working today? How are you responding?

  • Jenny

    I don’t save anything. I’d NEVER have room if that were the case! OMG. lol I have 2 dual-tuner DVRs and during the normal season, both are full a LOT. lol

  • So sorry Daniel! I would die. I had my own drama, I came home from Kelly Clarkson to find that our power went out so my trusty dvr didn’t record Big Brother, The 4400, or Footballers Wives because the stupid power was still out! DAMN NORTH AMERICAN HEATWAVE!

  • I finally got my TiVO back (stupid hard drive dying…), and I’m recording everything that I can so I will once again be at the point where I need to make that fateful “your tivo is full” decision. It’s one of the toughest decisions a TV Addict can face!!!

  • My TiVo will never do that – I don’t save things. I pretty much watch and delete. A rarely get that far behind, especially in the summer when I generally have an empty TiVo. And since I have a home network if I do want to save something I just copy it to my PC with TiVoToGo, and that is effectively infinitely expandable space. My main TiVo is also a Pioneer DVR-810H, which is a DVD burning model, so I can save to DVD-R if I want.

  • Yep, I’m there with you TV Addict. I recently had to part with several of my favorite shows because I’d exceeded my 100 hours. (It’s a sickness, I tell ya.) It was torture. I have the entire season of Smallville saved, plus lots of Grey’s Anatomy, Turk’s airband performance on Scrubs, the new show Windfall, which I’m yet to watch, Rescue Me, Dean Cain’s celebrity poker tournament – yes, I’m a little obsessed with Superman–, and my beloved Invasion. I’ve decided to delete shows that I’ll eventually buy on DVD (Grey’s and Veronica Mars.) I think I just need to get another TiVo!

    Tube Talk Girl

  • I never save shows–I always delete as soon as I watch. But that might change once the Fall season starts. I can’t imagine deleting new episodes of Desperate Housewives. -bites nails-

  • Chris: I assume (hope) that’s sarcasm! 🙂

  • cherios

    I didn’t know you could get TIVO in Canada???!! Where have you BEEN all my life?