theTVaddict Travels to Comic Con!

Some great news for my fellow TV addicts! theTVaddict (along with loyal sidekick Lauren, and Amrie from My Take On TV) will be travelling to San Diego this weekend to cover the world’s largest Comic Convention!

You’re probably asking yourself, what does a Comic Convention have to do with TV? Well for your information, the San Diego Comic Con is so much more then just comics. The TV Addict will be covering some of your favourite TV shows, as there will be exclusive Q&A sessions with cast and creative teams from VERONICA MARS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, HEROES, BRISCOE COUNTRY JR, BONES and much much more!

The great news doesn’t stop there. TheTVaddict will be doing one-on-one interviews with some of your favourite actors from VERONICA MARS and HEROES (NBC’s newest hit show to be!). So if you’ve got questions for Jason Dohring (Logan), Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars), Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas), and Michael Muhney (Sheriff Lamb), post below, as I want to ensure I ask questions MARS fans are dying to get answers to!

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  • seanthebond

    Yeah COMIC CON!

  • Jenny


    Tell Enrico that I have loved him on everything I’ve ever seen him on (He was my fav. character on Just Shoot Me and he’s just the perfect dad on VM! Ask him if his character handles being a single father to a teenage daughter like he would or if he would do things differently (ie, be more strict, be less strict, etc).

    Tell Jason that it’s hard for us girls not to melt into a puddle when he comes on screen and ask if he’s getting used to being a sex symbol. 😉

    And please, tell Ryan and Michael that they are the 2 guys on VM that we all just love to hate but can’t stop looking at. *grin*

  • Just tell Jason that I said hola!!!

  • Rae

    Sweeeeeet. I’d give you questions for the MARS guys but I’m also interviewing them and you’re not stealing my questions! 😉 Who are you interviewing from HEROES? I’m interested in what they have to say about the show.