Fall TV Pilots Leaked

The internet is abuzz with speculation that the big four Networks have secretly leaked some of their pilots online to generate some positive buzz for the upcoming Fall 2006 TV season. As of this morning, saavy TV fans can find offerings from ABC, NBC and CBS (THE CLASS, SHARK, and JERICHO from CBS, THE NINE and TRAVELER from ABC, and HEROES from NBC)

Naturally the powers that be won’t comment on whether this grass roots marketing campaign is actually just that – a cleverly planned move by the networks. Or a genuine error in TV Pilot security. It’s this TV addict’s opinion that this is a brilliant move, regardless of the cause. Positive buzz is being generated from these pilots – especially in the case of NBC’s HEROES, ABC’s THE NINE, and CBS’s JERICHO.

Pilots can be found across most BitTorrent networks, or download from the two sites below: http://eztvefnet.org or http://www.mininova.org

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  • Common Sense

    I’m all for releasing/posting videos online, since not everyone can make all shows “appointment TV.”

    Just wondering if anyone knows: Last week someone posted the hilarious 1992 SNL skit with Susan Dey hosting…The Partridge Family vs. The Brady Bunch. I’d been hunting it for years, it was so funny (esp. the girl playing “Jan Brady”). Then yesterday, only days after it was posted, the video had been removed. Who could possibly be initiating these “take downs”??? Surely not NBC, who I believe has “seen the light” about gaining added exposure online. What the #&@%, then?

  • Hmmm…I’m skeptical, this all seems too easy for all of us to take advantage of. Have nets really seen the light, and purposely uploaded the super-clean, HD quality pilots on BitTorrent sites to promote their premieres this fall? Or should we expect someone from CBS, ABC, and NBC to lose their jobs for leaking precious (and expensive) pilots?

  • I´ve checked out Heroes and The Nine. Gotta say I really looooved the Heroes pilot. Awesome cinematography, very cool and likeable characters. Can´t wait for the show to begin and since I live in Germany, I probably would have a lot to do on the comp.

    The Nine´s pretty confusing but does have great potential.

    Both are very hard core brainy shows, looking forward to the shows.

  • TVFan

    there as been a few more pilots leaked on the internet ive seen new pilots for, Eureka and Our Thirties it would be quite intresting to find out what other tv shows that have been leaked

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