theTVaddict LIVE from Comic Con

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve received a lot of emails asking where I am, if I’m okay, and why haven’t I posted anything about Comic Con. Let me first dispell a few rumours. I wasn’t kidnapped by the San Diego chapter of the Star Wars Sith Lords. I wasn’t ‘silenced’ by some serious Star Trek fans for daring to say that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is far superior to STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION. And I swear on my life, there were not any SNAKES ON A PLANE as I flew out here. Okay, there was one, but I stepped on it with my shoe.

The truth is, there’s just been way too much to do! Today was a really exciting day. I attended a Q&A with cast and creative team of KYLE XY. Then saw the Pilot episode of HEROES where I got some great scoop and photos. Following HEROES, I went into a gigantic room filled with insane BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans where they held a great Q&A with select cast and creative team members. I finished my day by chillin’ with the coolest man alive: Samuel L Jackson and SNAKES ON A PLANE. I’ve got tons of photos and scoop to post. But unfortunately, I have to throw on my Klingon make-up and boots and hit the ball. Okay, I’m kidding about the ball – I’m dressing up as a Human Cylon – no costume required. But seriously folks, I’ve got to prepare for my big day with the VERONICA MARS CAST, so I’m off to work. Check back tomorrow for more scoop and fun. Here’s a teaser: One of your favourite cast members from ALIAS will show up on ‘New Caprica’ in season 3 of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Check back tomorrow to find out who!

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  • Daniel, the jealousy is just dripping from my pours. Please give Apollo a kiss for me and tell Starbuck I love her too! Please tell me that Amy Acker will be on New Caprica!

  • Jenny

    hah Nope, Sark! 😀 I’ll definitely be watching BSG those eps! 😉

  • Amy Acker would be excellent for BSG, but I’m crossing my fingers for Lena Olin (Irina Derevko).

  • Jenny

    Ah man, that’s right. David Anders is going to be on Deadwood. Doubt it’ll be him on BSG too. 🙁 lol