Save Everwood: Project Ferris Wheel

Since I’m ‘stuck’ in San Diego I haven’t had the opportunity to properly cover the PROJECT EVERWOOD FERRIS WHEEL EVENT that took place yesterday. Apparently it was a huge success, garnering national media coverage and attracting the attention of some pretty important people. Some folks who rode the ferris whheel may be familiar to you, including: Rina Mimoun, Debra Mooney, Michael Ausiello, and Kristin and Korbi from Eonline. For a full report, visit Save Everwood, for a great shot of the Ferris Wheel, check out Seriosuly? OMG! WTF?

Well that’s all for now, I’m off to the LOST panel, and after that, I may have mentioned I’ll be sitting down with some cast members from VERONICA MARS. If you don’t hate me for being so obnoxious about my trip to San Diego – check back later tonight for some updates!

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