Comic Con Report: Battlestar Galactica

Friday afternoon was one of theTVaddict’s most anticipated Comic Con panels: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Attending the event were (Pictured below, left to right) Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama), Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol), James Callis (President Gaius Baltar), and Lucy Lawless (D’Anna Biers), and executive producers David Eick and Ronald D. Moore

Overall the panel was incredibly enjoyable and interesting. Here are some things theTVaddict learned about the upcoming season 3.

Edward James Olmos promised the audience that season 3 would be the DARKEST EVER! (Can BSG really get any darker?). In fact, EJO let it slip that the population of humans will shrink from 48,000 to 38,000. Rumour has it, a pandemic will hit ‘New Caprica’.

We’ll get to see a lot more of the Cylon Base Ship. James Callis (Baltar) let it slip that he’d be spending quite a bit of time on the Cylon Base Ship (He is afterall a cylon.. um, I mean a cylon puppet!).

Season 3 will actually start four months after last season’s finale – where we left, shocked that the show jumped to ‘one year later’.

Ronald D. Moore promised a few things. Most importantly, a major human character will die in the third episode, and one Cylon model will be terminated forever. Season 3 will deal with a lot of current issues, including suicide bombers and terrorism. Moore wants to really turn the show on its heal (is that really an expression?). A lot of the good guys who we think are good will do some really terrible things in order to deal with the situation they find themselves in.

On the relationship front, there will be some serious hook-ups. Ronald D. Moore promises that some long awaited hook-ups will become a reality – possibly Apollo and Starbuck? Bill and Laura?

The Sci Fi network has produced about a half-an-hours worth of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA webisodes. The webisodes, most likely to be released in August/September will chronicle the start of the human resistance movement on New-Caprica!

Finally, to answer my trivia question of a few days ago: theTVaddict has learned that former ALIAS castmember Carl Lumbly (Marshall Dixon) will turn up on a future episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Stay tuned to all week for more fantastic Comic Con Coverage!

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  • Is it October yet? No? *sigh*

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  • John Hesh

    What? No pictures of all of 7 people in the audience? lol This show sucks. There is only one BSG and it is the one created by Glen Larson 1978. Thanks for playing.

  • Ben

    there was only one good thing about 1978, and no it was not that crappy run of the mill show. it was my birth. Keep up the great work on that great show guys,,New BSG makes TV worth watching again.