Aquaman Pilot Review

In a move that I can only hope becomes more common place among networks, Warner Bros. Studio has recently made the un-aired pilot of AQUAMAN available for download on iTunes for $1.99 [click here to download].

In the premiere episode, we’re introduced to A.C. Curry (Justin Hartley), who by the end of the episode, discovers he is actually the long-lost prince of Atlantis and is pretty much the only man who can save both the human world and the underwater one (Atlantis). Thrown into the mix is a mysterious mentor (Ving Rhames), a Government agent, a love interest (of course!) and a step-father (Lou Diamond Phillips).

So did the show warrant a place on the new CW’s schedule? This TV Addict says YES! (not surprisingly, the show is far better then 7th HEAVEN!). Overall the pilot was enjoyable and as most successful pilots do, properly introduce us to our hero and supporting players. The episode was shot beautifully and lord knows in the cold of winter, I’d be more then happy to spend an hour a week in beautiful Tempest Florida. Yet the question is, could writers Millar and Gough (SMALLVILLE) really dream up enough adventure to ensure AQUAMAN remained interesting for 100 epidodes. Sadly we’ll never know, but I think it would have been pretty great to find out.

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  • seanthebond

    Isnt there a chance that the show could air anyways half way through the year? I thought that a lot of people were saying that it may.

  • I have a sneaking suspicion that Warner Bros. put this up for sale in order to gauge interest. Remember, the CW still reserved the right to pick up any of their non ordered series for midseason. If the buzz grows and the pilot sells well, I have a feeling that CW might just use this to plug a hole in the network come January.

  • Gilles

    Hey, I need to know how you got this pilot…I am in Canada (like yu I think) and it is not available in the Canadian ITunes store…please help me in getting this pilot…PLEASE!


  • Mark

    Sadly it wouldn’t have been in place of 7th Heaven, but rather Veronica Mars or Supernatural…

  • I suspect there’s little chance that the show could be picked up, no matter what the interest level. At least not without recasting the lead, since Hartley – whom soap fans know from his role as Fox on Passions – is already filming an extended stint on Smallville. I suppose if there was a huge, unprecedented amount of interest they could do it, but it seems highly unlikely, at least to me.

  • I heard that the reason Aquaman wasn’t picked up was a budgetary one. The pilot had a ton of special effects, as well as a lot of underwater scenes, which don’t seem cheap to film. Obviously if the fans demand it, and enough people buy the episode on iTunes, who know what will happen – perhaps the CW could bring it back after Smallville ends its run – this season could be its last.

    Mark – yes, it would have most likely replaced Supernatural – but getting 7th Heaven off the air is my dream!

    Gilles – I’ll write a post later today on how Canadians can buy from the US itunes store

  • Chris

    Nice review, but if you come across the pilot on the web, like on youtube or something, can you post it, because I don’t have an iPod and don’t know how to get iTunes.


  • A little vendetta against 7th Heaven now, eh TVAddict? 😛

  • Bias against 7th Heaven? me really? no not at all! on a completely unrelated note, check out this tshirt!


  • Hey, if we know how TV is working lately, there’s still a slight chance. If Aquaman were to rack up a boatload of downloads on iTunes, then maybe (but still, the chances are grim) it could pull a Nobodys Watching, and be resurrected midseason.

  • Gilles

    Cool, I’ll wait for you ‘instruction on ordering itunes USA from Canada 😉

  • seen it. liked it. the show definitely has potential. it would’ve been great to see if this show makes it big or not.