Comic Con Report: Heroes Panel

Aside from Aaron Sorkin’s long awaited return to TV with STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, no fall show is more anticipated for this TV addict then NBC’s HEROES. Really, who didn’t wish they could fly when they were younger?

On Friday, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the HEROES panel at the San Diego Comic Con. Not only did almost the entire cast attend (minus personal favourite Greg Grunberg and Hayden Panettiere – who were back on set filming the show), NBC gave fans a first look at the series with an exclusive viewing of the Series Premiere (an extended 72 minute edition)

The panel started with Executive Producer Jeph Loeb introducing the cast. Following which, 2,000 anxious fanboys (and girls) got their first look at the HEROES pilot. It’s interesting to note that the extended edition that was previewed wasn’t too different from the screener that is currently floating around the net (for more on watching HEROES online, check out this previous post). The main difference was the inclusion of Greg Grunberg’s storyline (Greg’s character is a cop who can hear people’s thoughts). NBC has decided to break the pilot into two parts, and when the show premieres on September 25, it will be without Greg’s character (he will appear, one assumes, in the second half of the pilot).

All I can say is that HEROES completely lived up to the hype. While I could spend countless paragraphs picking apart little things here and there that I didn’t like (Does TV really need another precocious kid who knows more then his parent?) I won’t. The pilot was entertaining, exciting and fully introduced us to what should be a fantastic mythology. The characters are interesting and the acting was top notch. The cast is incredibly likable and funny and seem like they’re having a complete ball (both on and off the screen).

Some funny moments from the Q&A:

A fan asks if Masi – who only speaks Japanese in the pilot, speaks english? He responds entirely in Japenese, then stops and changes to english with…. “and that’s how the season ends.”

A girl asks Milo Ventimiglia where she can get a “Grunberg is My Hero” tshirt? Milo takes off his shirt and throws it to the girl. (TV Addict note, you can get your own unique HEROES swag, by visiting theTVaddict Swag Shop)

Grunberg txt messages Milo from the set. I wish I was there but I’m making superhero magic on the set right now, looking strapping, making super love to the camera, giving some superheroic dramatic acting and super noshing on the super craft service table… Don’t tell Tim I was noshing on craft service. Don’t believe a word Masi says, he’s a big liar. Well I miss you Comic-Con, let’s catch up soon – how about Monday nights at 9 on NBC this fall?

Pretty much after spending an hour and a half with the cast, I’m really hoping the show makes it. I’d love to see Greg Grunberg succeed on a show that isn’t written by best friend JJ Abrams. The question of course is, will viewers buy into the concept and dedicate themselves to yet another complex weekly series? This TV addict hopes so, as I’d much rather see some HEROES saving the world then yet another group of generic LAW & ORDER CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATORS.

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  • Chris

    I know I’ll be watching…thanks for the recap!


  • Ash

    So let me get this correct…Milo V was half naked?

  • Tim

    I hope it becomes a huge hit. It’s weird, in my mind, it already is one. I’m naive that way, I assume every new show I plan on watching will be huge, when it’s probably more likely that 1 or 2 survive the first half of the season.

  • Agreed…. I always forget to think like a ‘normal’ person who completely doesn’t read everything about TV…. no doubt my parents have no idea what this show is about!

  • the pilot made me want more! more! of this series. well done. and i’m looking forward to more episodes. looks like nbc finally did something right.

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