The WB finally succumbs to iTunes

The day we’ve finally waited for has arrived! THE WB has finally added content to the iTunes Music Store: FRIENDS, AQUAMAN (the unaired WB pilot), BABYLON 5, FLINTSTONES, THE JETSONS, and MADTV are currently all available. How incredible is that? No doubt more content is to come, but for now, I’m just happy THE WB has reached an agreement with Apple. Hopefully this will open the door to more current WB content – GILMORE GIRLS, EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY. The WB has one of TV’s greatest libraries. This arrangement could also be of great help to shows currently on the air. VERONICA MARS would certainly benefit from the viewers ability to watch episodes they miss. Let’s hope that this is the beggining of a fantastic relationship between THE WB and APPLE.

Also available as of this morning are classic crime and mystery shows from Sleuth MIAMI VICE, THE A-TEAM, KNIGHT RIDER and DRAGNET are all available to download for $1.99 per episode.

Finally, in an effort to provide readers with as much FREE TV as possible, iTunes users can now download the premiere episode of TABLOID WARS for free by clicking here.

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  • Common Sense

    The parent co., Warner Bros. Studios, is apparently the one who has cut the iTunes deal. None of those shows listed (newly released) is The WB product, except Aquaman. Let’s see how stubborn they’ll be about releasing the shows we’ve all wanted–especially Everwood. Or will they take the callous, rebellious stand that they just refuse to release it “because it won’t sell.” The home video division has cost themselves millions with this decision, and I invite all potential buyers to just tape the show for free when it debuts on ABC Family this fall. Warner’s stubbornness really torks me off.

  • Common Sense – Warner Bros is actually the parent studio of all of the shows I mentioned. The studio (not to be confused with the now defunct WB TV network) produces and controls the rights to Everwood, Smallville, Veronica Mars, Friends, and many more great shows. Check out all the great shows that Warner Bros. produces:

  • Chris

    Great news about the Aquaman pilot coming out. I hope that this leads it to the internet more quickly, as I can’t see until then because I don’t have iTunes.


  • seanthebond

    Damn. I was going to submit this to digg, but then I found out it was already submitted. Except the story name was REALLY bad for Digg. They dont like to read the entire story. Something like, “Unaired Live-Action Aquaman Pilot hit iTunes” would have been better.