Arrested Development Returns to TV!

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT — the recently cancelled brilliantly funny comedy on FOX, has been sold to both the internet portal MSN and cable networks HDNet and G4 in a syndication deal announced today. The deal marks the first time a web site has purchased a TV series for online syndication. Apparently, the series will be made available to MSN subscribers for Free! (D’OH, this TV addict doesn’t subscribe!).

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  • Hey TV addict – I am the GM of MSN Entertainment and just wanted to clarify one thing that some news outlets got wrong. You don’t have to be a subscriber to watch Arrested on MSN. It is free for anyone that comes to our site… Great site you have here – keep it up!

  • Dear Rob,

    Thanks for the clarification and congratulations to MSN on the acquisition. You’ve definitely earned yourself at least one more loyal visitor once Arrested starts airing. It’s a brilliant move by MSN – and will no doubt earn the site a lot of loyal visitors (and that’s coming from an APPLE Addict!). Please keep theTVaddict posted on when we can expect to see it air (or stream online)