Free Download of NBC’s HEROES from iTunes

In a press release emailed to theTVaddict today, Chief Marketing Officer of NBC Universal John Miller stated that beginning September 1st, iTunes will offer a free and exclusive download of HEROES – in its entirety – in addition to other bonus content from NBC, including series trailers and behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of HEROES.

“We have an unusual opportunity to team with several excellent corporate partners to let moviegoers be the first to experience this daring new series with its own theatrical feel to it,” said Miller. “We want to generate buzz across a variety of platforms long before ‘Heroes’ ever airs on NBC.”

Once again, NBC is using the cinema to enhance the movie going experience for our patrons with a fun and compelling promotion allowing everybody to have an even better time at the movies,” added Cliff Marks, National CineMedia’s president of sales and marketing. “Our marketing and content partnership with NBC continues to show how America’s two favorite entertainment forums – TV and movies – can team to create exciting consumer engagement opportunities for cinema enthusiasts.”

From creator/writer Tim Kring (NBC’s “Crossing Jordan”), “Heroes” (Mondays, 9-10 p.m. ET beginning this Fall) is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities.

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  • If only there was this much faith put forward for other series. It’s been proven that once a show hits the online world for easy, legal downloads, then they will recieve a strong following. Bravo NBC, great work.

    P.S. Anyone else notice how the Aquaman pilot is the number one download in the TV section of iTunes?

  • Frost

    I agree with you Literate. I’ve always been in to free samples, like the ones they give out at costco. If the product suites me, then I’m definetly back for more. I look forward to this show with great excitement, and I’m already looking for the preview on itunes. It doesn’t seem to be posted quite yet however.

  • Michelle

    I got one of these cards tonight when we went to see a movie, with a code on it, and to download the free episode of Heroes. Well, today is September 1, I went home from the movie, and iTunes gives me an “this offer is not yet available” error.

  • RadCap

    It’s now Sept. 2nd and still no ‘Heroes” – NBC change their mind without issuing the same sort of press release which announced their original plans? Maybe they got bad test screenings back on the show and now don’t want the public to rip it apart before it is even released.

  • Nici

    how can i get the episode??

  • Maybe since Heroes debuts next week, they’ll have it available tommorow when the iTunes store updates, like they did with Conviction last year.

  • Jemma

    Not up yet free or other wise. Unless code is really secret and that would defy the point. Can watch streaming video on Yahoo though

  • jim

    how do you get the episode?

  • This may be a bit after the fact, but the pilot episode is no longer available for download or re-broadcast because Emerson / InSinkErator is suing NBC for defaming their garbage disposal, however ridiculous that might sound.

  • nick

    Can anyone post a reply as to why iTunes are so totally unreliable in posting new epsoides of heroes/ honestly, whats their problem, its on TV then it should be on iTunes, i dont mind paying the 2 dollers for it, but i do mind having to wait around constantly checking my computer like a fool for them to add it to the store, why ar they this bad? really, why? there MUST be a reason why they are so rubbish? Noone can be THIS bad at anything with no reason, what is iTunes?

  • powerisall

    yea sucks fro me too. some of us dont go to the movies too often and miss about the first 4 episodes… and nbc only puts the most recent one on their website so I gotta wait for reruns… great…