Recently I came across a great thread on Eonline’s message board entitled ‘One Hit Wonders.’ The thread discussed your favourite shows that lasted a mere season. Needless to say I’ve seen quite a few shows cancelled before their time (FIREFLY, JACK & BOBBY, GROSSE POINTE, FREAKS & GEEKS etc.) but one such show has recently stood out, as I’ve been catching it in reruns on the ‘W’ network in Canada.

MISS MATCH featured an adorable Alicia Silverstone as Kate Fox, divorce attorney/match maker. Viewers watched as Kate tried to create the ‘perfect match’ all the while ignoring her own love life completely. The show featured an incredible supporting cast including Kate’s father (Ryan O’Neil), a reluctant legal associate (James Rodney), and obligatory sexy best friend (Lake Bell). Created by Darren Star (SEX & THE CITY), the show lasted a mere season and in this TV addict’s opinion, was cancelled far before it’s time.

MISS MATCH was well written, funny and featured interesting and unique stories. Throughout its 18 episodes, the show managed to snag the ‘Who’s Who’ of hollywood guest stars. Some actors you may recognize include: Nathan Fillion (FIREFLY), Bradley Cooper (ALIAS), Dina Meyer, Jenna Fischer (THE OFFICE), Amanda Foreman (ALIAS, FELICITY), Daniel Dae Kim (LOST), Richard Kind (SPIN CITY), Adam Goldberg, Kathleen York (THE WEST WING), Josh Radner (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER), and Charisma Carpenter (ANGEL).

Thanks to the ‘W’ network for reminding this TV addict of how much I miss MISS MATCH.

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  • I hearted this show. It’s always frustrating when a network deserts a promising show on Friday and then cancels it when it has low ratings. Most shows on Fridays have low ratings! I would definitely loved to have seen more of Miss Match. Alas!

  • Agreed. The show deserved better placement then Friday night. NBC definitely didn’t support the show enough.

  • K

    Oh, I loved that show so much. Miss Match was awesome and I miss it too. Once in a while, i do a search to see if its out on DVD but i’m always dissapointed. I’m jealous they’re showing it in Canada.

  • A

    I miss the show too. It had a different plot and I agree a cute lead actress. I just do not know why some shows, which make no sense what so ever and are not even worth watching go on like forever and a prominsing show like this one gets taken off air. I was seriously bummed.

  • RosieD

    I have just recently downloaded all episodes from Miniova and I am gutted that no further episodes were made. I love this sort of programme and I can’t believe it didn’t get the ratings it deserved.