A Steve Carell Fix: Little Miss Sunshine

Looking for a Steve Carrell fix to tied you over until the third season premiere of THE OFFICE this fall? Why not check out LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. I had the opportunity to attend a sneak preview last night and the movie definitely deserves all the positive buzz its been receiving since it premiered to raves at January’s Sundance Film Festival.

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE revolves around the dysfunctional ‘Hoover’ family, as they attempt to get their youngest member (played brilliantly by Abigail Breslin – aka. the ‘next’ Dakota Fanning) to the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ Beauty Pageant. Like all great roadtrip movies, travelling 700 miles in a VW isn’t as easy as it seems and there are numerous complications that arise. Yet in the end, you’ll fall in love with every member of this crazy little family unit and enjoy every minute of the often touching, funny, moving and satirical journey.

Steve Carell said it best, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, ”We’re the sorbet at the end of the summer. A nice, delicate sorbet to cleanse the palate of the rich, meaty blockbusters.”

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  • Snowman

    Let Abigail Breslin be Abgial Breslin. Do we really need another freakish young actress aka. Dakota Fanning?