Lost Casting Rumours

According to a source close to the production, the final new cast member to get ‘LOST’ this season is apparently Kiele Sanchez, previously seen on the WB’s low-rated RELATED. Previous additions to the LOST family for season 3 have been Rodrigo Santoro (known in Brazil asa the “Brazilian Tom Cruise” and Elizabeth Mitchell. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • Jenny

    Yay! She was my favorite sister on Related! 😀

  • Common Sense

    Kiele is just a great, great actress. So believable in every role she takes…and really MADE the cast of “Related” after replacing Laura San Giacomo (who I also love).

    Can’t wait for the new LOST season to begin.

  • andrew from philly

    This is great!! I have been in love with her since Married with the Kelly’s. I am going to love LOST even more GOOd LUCK KIELE.!!