Prison Break Season 2 Spoilers

[SPOILER ALERT] According to a press release sent to by FOX, here’s what’s scheduled to happen during the upcoming season premiere of PRISON BREAK. Picking up eight hours after their escape from Fox River, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Abruzzi and C-Note are on the run for their lives as a vengeful Bellick leads the prison guards seeking to capture their escaped quarry; Dr. Sara is in critical condition from her overdose; Veronica finds herself a prisoner with Terrance; T-Bag tries to get the upper hand while fleeing from the authorities; and a new take-charge FBI investigator proves to be Scofield’s match in “Manhunt,” the season-premiere episode of PRISON BREAK, airing Monday, Aug. 21 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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  • Chris

    Thanks for pointing this out to us. I didn’t watch Season One but heard it was good. I plan on buying the DVD set soon, as it comes out next week, but will for sure watch this new season, no matter how lost I am. Thanks for the info!


  • Todd

    But Prison Break isn’t even on Season 2 yet

  • You mean Prison Break season 2 spoilers, right?

  • Moe

    Thanks Man I Just Finish Watching The Whole First Season In Two Days & I’m Hooked! Yet it was a great dissapointment to be left like this with this clliffhanger!

  • Hey All, sorry for the mix-up, obviously I meant ‘season 2’ spoilers (it’s now been corrected!). Season 3 Spoilers would be quite the scoop! Although, I can tell you my prediction. I believe Season 3 will have our intrepid gang back in Prison – ready for another BREAK!

  • T-Bag tries to get the upper hand while fleeing

    Funny 😉

  • just watched all of season one great show wow. i cant wait for season two

  • michelle

    ok well i am in the uk and we aint getting season 2 till next year i was woundering if anyone know of anyway to see it to email me i am so hooked on it thanks

  • Just finished season 2…what happens after episode 13 though???

  • charlotte

    cant wait to find out wat happens after episode 13…beautifull show,,n that Scofield is one hell of a catch…the kiss in season one left me gagging…