The Incredible Veronica Mars Comic Con Video

Below is the exclusive VERONICA MARS promo that the WB executives presented to the CW Network in the hopes of getting the show picked up for a third season. The promo was also shown to us lucky viewers who attended the San Diego Comic Con. I personally think this promo does a fantastic job of summing up how great a show VERONICA MARS is, and should definitely be circulated around the net.

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  • Chris

    Thanks for linking us to this video. I agree it sums up everything Veronica Mars is about. I’m in love with this show, and will watch it for as long as I live, whether live on TV or on DVD!


  • Jenny

    Fan-freakin-tastic! I can’t wait til the new season starts! 😀

  • I’m showing this to everyone I know.

    MySpace embed, here we come!

  • Mark

    Seconded! Thirded! Fourthed(?)!

  • Mira

    Eh, am I the only one who thinks this promo kinda sucks? The music, the clips, it’s just not there, it feels dumbed down. I love Veronica Mars. It’s one of my all time favourite shows, and once again I have to go throu the grueling prosses of seeing a dearly beloved show face the possibility of cancelation. This promo shoud be perfect! It’s about survival, so why does it look like a half ass “Nancy Drew with sex appeal” pitch? An why, oh why did the chose that theme? The music is one of the shows selling points and this is what they chose to go with? Seriously, Veronica deserves better. She comes off looking as “smartass Skipper”. For those of you who might not know; Skipper is Barbies little sister. I’m sad right now. But still, I have hope. There must be another season. And preferably more to come.

  • hmm…good….but not as quite as awesome as i was expecting. the mission impossible music was kind of wierd. but the clips were awesome. totally veronica.