Entourage: What Happens in Vegas…

With last nights episode of ENTOURAGE, we finally got to travel with our favourite Hollywood hotshots to VEGAS (Vegas, Baby!). Of course unlike Vince, we didn’t get the $100,000 appearance fee to show up (hollywood stars really do have a tough life!).

As is the case, when a TV show travels to Vegas, hilarity and hijinks ensues. Drama’s ‘man-crush’ on his Vegas Masseuse Ken was both funny and incredibly awkward at the same time. Watching super-agent Ari Gold almost have a nervous breakdown over losing a few hundred G’s at the blackjack tables was also great. But the highlight of the night was the stripper brawl that finally occured between Eric (and his possé) and Seth Green and his ‘Entourage’. The petty rivalry over Sloane (E’s girlfriend) was great, and kudos to Seth Green for playing a really entertaining fictional version of himself (let’s hope it’s a fictionalized version of himself).

With only three episodes left in the season, let’s hope the fun of ‘Vegas, Baby’ doesn’t remain in Vegas, and translates to our intrepid gang of four ending the season on a high note.

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