Attn: KYLE XY Fans in CANADA

Just thought I’d let fans of KYLE XY in Canada know that CITY TV has picked up the show! So instead of having to wait until ABC airs a re-run of the show on Fridays, you can now catch KYLE XY tonight at 8pm (EST) on all CITY TV channels across Canada.

UPDATE: For some reason, KYLE XY is not on at 8pm on CITY TV as my PVR suggested. In its place is the dreadful ABC comedy HOPE & FAITH. I’ll do some more investigation into this matter and get back to you all on what the deal is with this mix-up. Check back tomorrow for details.

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  • yay! thats good news for me, this show is so good. =D

  • Chris

    To all Canadian fans, you will love this show. Great summer show, don’t hesistate to check it out!


  • Taltos

    While it would be nice to have Kyle XY in a guaranteed viewing spot other than ABC Family, I’m not too happy with CityTV right now. The last two weeks they have overridden the ABC signal of Kyle, instead showing the insipid ‘Hope and Faith’. The first week it took them 20 minutes to switch over, last week I had to watch the whole bloody H&F episode before it switched. Did anyone else have this problem?

  • City actually cut into Kyle XY….. I didn’t know that. I just saw HOPE & FAITH, and I switched the channel immediately. HOPE & FAITH, aside from being dreadfully unfunny, has some of the worst kid actors on a family sitcom EVER!

  • Major props to Kyle xy also for using Canadian bands on the soundtrack!

    check out Marianas Trench (from vancouver)
    In-Flight Safety