90210 Finally Gets Good!

If you were turned off by early BEVERLY HILLS 90210 episodes because of their complete and utter lameness, (Brenda shoplifts! Brandon encounters racism! Dylan and his Dad don’t like eachother!) it’s time to tune back in.

Recent episodes, airing 3pm weekdays on TVTropolis (in Canada) are ‘classic’ 90210. Some recent highlights include:

David’s nerdy friend Scott, who never really fit in with the West Bev Gang shoots himself with a shotgun at his own birthday. Lesson learned, don’t play cowboy with your Dad’s own shotgun.

Andrea goes on a crusade to ensure West Bev makes condoms available to the student body. Classic TORI SPELLING acting moment alert: Confronting her Mom at the PTA meeting that’s being held at the Walsh house. “If you build a pool, and you know your kids are going to swim, you can build all the fences you want. But if you know they’re going to jump in the pool, don’t you think you should teach your kids how to swim.” Just in case you’re wondering, it was a metaphor for teaching your kids about safe sex.

The girls attempt to sneak into the Belage hotel to meet COLOR ME BAD (Where are they now?). Donna discovers her mom is having an affair. Yet another tearful Tori Spelling moment, as she cries to Mrs. Walsh, “Why don’t my parent’s love each other anymore?”

TVaddict sidebar: As I’m writing this post, I’m actually watching an episode of 90210, and OMG – crossover alert! Jake Hanson (Grant Show) appears on screen. Looks like they’re introducing us to MELROSE PLACE. Turns out ‘Jake’ taught Dylan how to surf and be the overall bad-boy that he currently is. Boy I miss MELROSE PLACE. TVTropolis should definitely consider picking up the show as the perfect companion piece to 90210.

90210 is finally getting great again. Tune in for some great future episodes including: Brenda and Dylan run off to Mexico (Mr. Walsh loses it!), Brenda and Donna go to Paris (Dean Cain alert! Donna orders Brains!), and Dylan and Kelly hook-up.

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