Prepare for the Return of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

In preparation for the return of Television’s most gripping Drama, the SCI FI network will be offering a one-hour recap special to whet fans appetites for the season 3 premiere in October. Incorporating footage from the original SCI FI miniseries and the show’s previous two seasons of the Peabody Award-winning series, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE STORY SO FAR will serve as a refresher for current fans and as a primer for anyone new to the world of Galactica.

Told through the voice of Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), the Secretary of Education-turned President-turned resistance leader on now Cylon-occupied New Caprica, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE STORY SO FAR will chronicle humanity’s costly struggle to survive against its deadliest enemy.

In a broad synergistic move, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE STORY SO FAR will air across all NBC Universal platforms – NBC, USA Network, Bravo, Sleuth, Universal HD, and online on SCIFI.COM’s own broadband channel, Pulse. Also, for the first time ever, the episode will be broadcast across the XBOX LIVE network, as well as the iTunes Music Store.

The return of BSG is one of the TV Addict’s most anticipated fall premieres. Since my addiction began last spring, I’ve downloaded and watched the entire series via iTunes and stalked the cast across the country – travelling to Comic Con for the Battlestar Galactica Panel. Needless to say, the TV addict cannot wait to see the citizens of ‘New Caprica’ take down the Cylons and return to their journey to find the mythical thirteenth planet known as ‘Earth’.

The special will air on the following networks on the following dates:

Sunday, August 13 at 10PM NBC West Coast (following Football)
Monday, August 28 Free On Demand via SCI FI> ‘> s cable affiliates
Friday, September 15 at 12AM USA
Sunday, September 17 at 7PM Universal HD
Monday, September 18 at 9AM USA
Friday, September 22 at 8PM Universal HD
Friday, September 22 at 6PM Sleuth
Friday, September 29 at 7PM BRAVO
Saturday, September 30 at 11AMBRAVO
Saturday, September 30 at 4PM Universal HD
September SCIFI.COM’s Pulse
Friday, October 6 at 7PM SCI FI

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  • This is GREAT news!! I haven’t seen ANY BSG episode yet, but I haven’t been able to find the time to rent the DVDs. I’ll be sure to watch.

  • I am SO excited!!!!! I just realized that Season 3 premieres on my birthday!!!! What a good realization….Cannot wait!

  • Oh I hope they run it on SPACE in Canada. Best TV series of all time, ever .

  • No doubt SPACE will drop the ball again and decide against airing the preview. In fact, I’m sure the brilliant network execs at SPACE will hold back on airing the series until a year later, thinking that we’re in Canada and it doesn’t matter when they air it. SPACE execs one day will learn of this crazy contraption called the ‘internet’. A device that lets users from Canada read what people in other countries have to say.

    Canadian networks have to realize that what worked in the 90’s – say airing shows months after America got them, doesn’t work anymore. We’ll just get around the system and find ways to watch our favourite shows whenever we decide. Let’s hope SPACE gets their act together – as they lost a viewer last spring when the completely delayed airing season 2 of BSG until the new year. I just downloaded the entire season off iTunes.

  • Holy crap! This fine fantastic addictive site is Canadian. Thumbs up! Are you a board member of the space boards?

    The promos at the end of this years spacy awards said the series would run on time in October this year. Keeping fingers crossed.

  • Dave – Yeah, a little secret of theTVaddict’s is that he is indeed Canadian – I’ve lived in the great white north all my life, although… just to keep my U.S. fans, I was actually born in the States. (I was an unexpected early release!) Of course that is a story for an entirely different blog (thebabyaddict anyone?)

    Great to hear that SPACE will be airing the show concurrently with SCI-FI. Let’s hope thats true. Even a day later annoys me, because as you know doubt know – it’s hard to avoid spoilers. Expecially when the show airs all over the states before us.

  • concernedcitizen

    Shush – don’t release news about the until the promos are done! i’m still looking through shots of you EDan period to select just the right one – and don’t forget your mask period. your mom is such a help 😉

  • Ron

    There is this site, They have a ranking for “Best TV series ever” and Battleship Galactica is not even the contenders. Shame on them!