Fall TV Preview 2006: The NINE


Although the title of this new drama refers to the number of people caught up in a life-changing bank robbery, it might just as well refer to the number of minutes it took for me to be sucked into this compelling new series set to debut on ABC at 10 p.m. EST on Wednesday, October 4.

Reminiscent in feel to 24 but perhaps closer in structure to LOST, THE NINE combines intriguing characters whose lives intertwine with flashbacks used to explain how they all became involved in a recently concluded hostage crisis. The first episode focuses on how each of the main players wound up in the literal line of fire on that fateful day.

The first episode immediately grabs viewers by the juggular while laying the groundwork for what promises to be a gripping series. The genius of the show lies in its structure: As the series begins, we’re already privy an ending of sorts: Seven hostages made it out of the bank alive, two are dead. But how did events unfold and where, exactly, did things go wrong? Questions are raised about the hostages and their captors, as well as the details of exactly how their lives will play out in the aftermath of the horrific day. It is safe to say that by the end of the first hour, there are more questions than answers… and we are left counting the minutes until the next installment.

Each future episode will begin with a flashback offering insight into how what was supposed to be a quick in-and-out, five-minute robbery spiraled out of control to become a 52-hour stand-off landing two people in body bags. The flashbacks will unfold in chronological order. But more importantly, the series focuses on how lives are impacted by decisions made — or not made — under pressure.

With an all-star cast led by Tim Daly (WINGS), Scott Wolf (EVERWOOD), Kim Raver (24) and Chi McBride (BOSTON PUBLIC) — not to mention a new twist on the storytelling gimmick which has helped turn LOST into a cultural phenomenon — ABC would seem to have a can’t miss show on its hands. Throw in the fact that THE NINE will air in the much-coveted post-LOST timeslot, and it’s safe to assume that this show is like money in the bank.

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  • This is one of the shows about which I’m most excited! It looks and sounds so awesome!

  • Common Sense

    ABC thought “Invasion” and “Alias” had plum timeslots after LOST…and despite those shows’ greatness and cult-popularity, they were cancelled. So I don’t care how good a show might be, there are no more guarantees, esp. where ABC is concerned. Look how many NEW series they have pulled after only one (Emily’s Reasons) or two airings (The One, One Ocean View, How To Get The Guy…) in recent months—it’s clear they either do not believe in their shows, or are just tossing out crap in hopes that someone–anyone–will watch. I expect it to be comical, really, how quickly they dump their 11 new 2006-07 series and replace them with reruns of Funny Home Videos or Wife Swap (help me, now). Where would that network be if they hadn’t stumbled into “Dancing With The Stars?” Heads need to roll at that network, for sure.

  • Chris

    I agree with Amrie. I’m really excited, as this is my second most looking-foward-to new show this season. Thanks for the review, very good!


  • Sam

    The Nine was interesting, I’ll admit that but I’m a little worried about what will happen once the gimmick wears off. I’m excited for this show mostly because of the cast. But it’s airing after Lost so I’ll definitely be checking out future episodes.

  • Ashlyn

    I thought the pilot was incredible — very gripping. I’ll definately be watching. However, if ABC cancels this before what happened in the bank is clear, i’ll be one angry viewer.