Jenny’s Fall TV Preview

My Fall TV schedule is so jam packed that I’m afraid my DVRs are going to be splitting at the seams! As you can see from my last This Week on TV post, I watch almost everything! Thank goodness for working from home!

Ok, will give you a bit of info. I am a Database Manager for an online deals website. So basically I set my own schedule. I’m a night owl as well. So most of my tv watching and working gets done in the weeeeeeee hours of the morning. Like at 2am. And that’s ok, except I have an 8 year old son who thinks he should be able to count on his mom waking up earlier than noon to feed him breakfast and spend time with him. Geez! 😉 During the school year (which is the tv season 😉 ), thankfully, I can go back to sleep for a bit after he leaves for school. Then I spend all afternoon working and then work late at night again. With my son being around, I can’t really watch anything live. Thank goodness for 2 dual-tuner DVRs, a VCR and my computer! Not sure what I’d do without them! lol

Sundays won’t be too bad in terms of how many shows are on for me at one time. At 7:00, there is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Amazing Race. I forgot, I do watch EMHE live a lot of times with my family while we eat dinner! We all love it. Then at 8:00, I’ll have The War At Home (I know, I know. I can hear your groans now. I can’t help it. I absolutely adore the show! It’s the white trash in me coming out. 😉 ) There are 2 more shows on at 8:00 that I may watch. Last season, I stopped watching Desperate Housewives about 6 eps into the season and started saving them up on my computer. I’m debating watching them then watching this season as well. I still am undecided. What do you guys think? Yes? No? Also on at 8 is Cold Case, which I didn’t get to see much of last season because of football. I would always forget that football ran long, causing the stupid news show before Cold Case to run into the 7:00 hour, so my DVR would always miss the last 20-30 minutes of the show. I finally gave up on it since I had enough shows to watch as it was. Now that The Amazing Race is on where Cold Case was last season, I will know to record extra long to catch all 3 shows, so it shouldn’t be a problem seeing CC again this season. At 9:00, I’ve got Without a Trace, which I love, and the new show Brothers & Sisters, starring Balthazar Getty & Ron Rifkin from Alias, which was my all-time favorite show for years. I’m looking forward to that show, although after all the changes they made, I dunno, I hope it gels!

Monday. *sigh* So many good shows on for me! At 7:00, I have the great Prison Break (which we have the last handful of eps to watch in the next 2 weeks! *eek*), the new comedy The Class, and the fantastic How I Met Your Mother. Also, don’t hate me, but I watch 7th Heaven. I was pleased when it was over, ok with it coming back (although yes, I’d MUCH have preferred Everwood!) But the Camdens have a spot in my heart, since I’ve been watching since the beginning!

Monday at 8:00 is one of my busiest times throughout the week, along with Tuesday @ 8 & Thursday @ 7. Along with returning Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine & The Bachelor (It’s like a car wreck. I can’t stop watching!), there are the new shows Heroes, Vanished & Runaway. For me, those 3 new shows all have something I’m excited about. Heroes of course just looks awesome, as well as having one of MY fantasy hubbies Greg Grunberg as a major character. Runaway stars Donnie Wahlberg from Boomtown, which was one of my favorite shows when it was on, and Vanished stars Gale Harold, from Queer As Folk, and I just LOVE him.

At 9:00, things slow back down with What About Brian (although I have to watch the first “season” of that to see if I like it enough to start watching Season 2. lol) and CSI: Miami, along with the new Studio 60, which I may or may not watch. I don’t really like the premise of the show (I hate SNL with a passion) but I love Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry, so I’m willing to give it a chance. 🙂 I wasn’t a West Wing watcher either, so don’t try and tempt me with the whole Aaron Sorkin thing. 😛

Tuesday is another really busy night! With the returning House, NCIS & Dancing with the Stars, the new Friday Night Lights is on at 7:00. I never saw the movie, but I’ve been such a fan of Kyle Chandler since Early Edition that I have to give it at least a chance!

Tuesday @ 8 will make me cry again, schedule-wise. Law & Order: CI (although I only watch that if I’m pretty caught up on shows, otherwise, it’s one of the first to get deleted…), The Unit and my favorite returning show Veronica Mars are on alongside the new Standoff (which I think I’ll love!) and the comedies Knights of Prosperity and Help Me Help You. Not a big fan of Ted Danson, so if I have to cut something else out, HMHY (ooh, too close to HIMYM to call it that!) may not last long. On the other hand, I’m willing to give KoP a real chance because I loved Donal Logue on Grounded for Life!

At 9, another returning fav of mine, Law & Order: SVU is on NBC and the new show Smith on CBS. Not that big a fan of Ray Liotta but I liked Simon Baker on The Guardian, so will give it a shot. I dunno if it’ll last long anyway…

I’m going to love Wednesdays this fall! I absolutely adore the commercials for 20 Good Years starring John Lithgow (LOVED him on 3rd Rock From the Sun!) & Jeffrey Tambor (even though I never watched Arrested Development, I know he was hysterical on there). Also new are Kidnapped (I’m a big fan of Dana Delany from Presidio Med & Mykelti Williamson from Boomtown!), Jericho (which I’ve *cough* seen and loved!) and the strong looking The Nine (which I’m starting a board with a friend for!) & Justice. Also on Wednesday are the returning Bones, Dancing with the Stars, One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds & Lost. We stopped watching Lost last season and saved them up and I’m not sure if I want to catch up and watch this season or not. I loved it season 1 but season 2 bored me to pieces. So… :-/ Starting November 4th is the new show Day Break, which also looks really promising! The premise is neat, and I LOVE Taye Diggs (sexiest black man, hell, one of the sexiest men period, on tv!).

Thursday is another day I might need to cut out a show. *sigh* At 7:00, I have the returning My Name is Earl, Smallville & Survivor. Then there is the new drama Ugly Betty, which I’ve heard good things about, and the new comedies, which I HAVEN’T heard good things about: ‘Til Death (this show probably has the best previews on tv that I’ve ever seen, aside from USA’s “characters”) & Happy Hour. At 8:00, Supernatural, CSI (am I the only Srissom fan out there??) & Grey’s Anatomy are returning favorites, along with the new reality offering Duets. Starting November 2nd, The OC takes over Duet’s place, but I’m not planning on watching it. As obsessed as I was the first 2 seasons, season 3 killed it for me. I HATED Marissa & planned on watching it now that she is gone, but since it’s going to focus more on the younger crowd, who I am NOT at ALL attached to, f’em. lol At 9:00 are 2 new shows, Six Degrees (Yay JJ Abrams!) and Shark along with the elderly ER. I can’t help it, I love this show. Kovac is dreamy!

Friday rounds out the week for me on a high note, unlike a lot of people. CBS has 3 of my favorite shows on Fridays, Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home & Numb3rs, and NBC has 2 others, Las Vegas & Crossing Jordan. I also will watch another elderly drama, Law & Order & the new Men in Trees and the Friday installment of Duets. I’ll also watch Battlestar Galactica in October out of the corner of my eye when my hubby watches! lol

So yeah, if you are keeping track, that’s a total of 65 out of 86 (give or take a few. that’s a lot of shows to try & count!). That’s an average of 10.83 shows per day for 6 days a week. Oi! LOL Of course, a lot of those are new and won’t last a few weeks, let alone a whole season! Of course, that doesn’t include any mid-season shows like Scrubs, etc either! *cry*

So you can download the full, complete schedule and a blank schedule below. Edit using Microsoft Excel (or something compatible) and put in your shows! Then share with us. I’d love to see what other people’s schedules look like! 😀

Click here for the schedules!

Please, I want your comments! Either leave em here or email em to me at 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this! It was exciting to write & made me even more excited about the upcoming season. 😀


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  • Rebecca

    I am SO glad to know that there are TV addicts like me out there. My mother diagnosed me as a TV addict back when I was just a youngster. I’m having trouble with the Excel spreadsheets, once I get in there, I can’t do anything else and have to end the program to exit. So that’s why I’m putting in my 2 cents on the fall schedule this way.

    Sundays will be: Without a Trace, Brothers & Sisters – and The Wire on HBO. And Medium when it moves to Sunday.
    Mondays Heroes, Studio 60, Vanished, will have to check out Runaway because of Wahlberg in Boomtown and check in on CSI: Miami from time to time. If The Closer was still on in the fall, that would be definite Must See TV for Monday nights.

    Tuesday: Gilmore Girls!, Veronica Mars! Friday Night Lights (have loved Kyle Chandler since “Homefront” – if you haven’t see that show, you must check it out – and then Early Edition), House, NCIS, The Unit, L&O: SVU and Smith (Simon Baker, ‘nuf said), Standoff (Ron Livingston). Rescue Me, The Shield.

    Nip/Tuck whatever night it’s going to be on.

    Wednesday: Bones (David Boreaneaz)! The Nine, Criminal Minds, 30 Rock, Jericho (now that I’ve seen a preview)

    Thursday: Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Six Degrees, ER

    Friday: Ghost Whisperer, Men in Trees (though I can’t stand Anne Heche, I saw the preview for this show today and I have to check it out), Nub3rs, Psych (USA), Las Vegas if it sounds interesting that week.

    Plus a few reality shows where you actually have to have talent (but they may be more summer shows) Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, Design Star.

    Other previews I saw today that I liked the looks of are: Traveler, Big Day (can you tell I’ve been hanging out on the ABC website?)

    With one DVR and two VCRs, I don’t know if I have enough time and space to watch/tape/DVR everything!! Now if I could just quit my job or get paid for watching television, I’d be set.

    Love your blog!

  • Sam

    And I thought I was a tv addict!

    I’m a lot like you in the fact that I have a set schedule of what shows I want to watch and when. I have about a dozen shows set as season passes on my Tivo (more to come soon) and then I just watch the rest live.

    About Desperate Housewives, yes the second season was nothing like the first, but it has a lot of funny moments. The sad part is, I don’t think you’d be missing much if you skipped all but the last handful of episodes. You should at least watch the last three or four so you’re ready for season three, which I’m counting on being better.

    I feel you on the O.C. but since I actually am the target audience for the show, I think I will check it out.

    How could anyone be bored with Lost of all shows? You must be more about the characters and less about the mythology, which season 2 focussed a lot more on. I can’t really recommend watching just a few of the last episodes because Lost is a show you absolutely can’t do that with. It’s up to you though.

    Are any of the new comedies good? I’m not excited about a single one of them. I don’t watch a lot of comedies as it is (Everybody Hates Chris, DH, Family Guy, The Office and My Name is Earl are all)

    Well good thoughts (and a lot of them) and thanks for the chart. I think I’ll try it out!


  • Jenny

    Yeah, I definitely got burned out on the mythology of Lost. I loved Season 1 so much more when we were seeing all the back stories, how they first started interacting together on the island, etc. I dunno. I HAVE all the Lost eps that I didn’t see, so who knows. Maybe I’ll save up those few eps this fall then watch last season and those few before it comes back on in the new year. *shrug*

    As for the new comedies, I dunno. Honestly, I haven’t seen the screeners for any but 1 and the 1 I saw was just ok. I’m just going off the previews online and on the tv and on the actors/actresses that I enjoy watching. heh Plus, I may end up not watching some that I start. I did that with a few the past few seasons cause I just couldn’t get into them. heh

    And yeah, I’m debating DH still. I just don’t know. lol *sigh*

  • Chris

    Well I can’t figure out how to post my table, and it might be too complicated, so heres a list format.

    Three Moons Over Milford, Cold Case, Brothers & Sisters, Without a Trace

    7th Heaven, Prison Break, The Class, How I Met Your Mother, Runaway, Vanished, Heroes, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, C.S.I.: Miami

    Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, House, The Knights of Prosperity, Help Me Help You, Standoff, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Veronica Mars, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Nip/Tuck, Smith

    Bones, Jericho, 20 Good Years, 30 Rock, Justice, One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, Lost, Day Break, Kidnapped, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, C.S.I.: NY, The Nine

    Smallville, ‘Til Death, Happy Hour, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, The O.C., C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation, Grey’s Anatomy, Shark, Six Degrees

    Ghost Whisperer, Close to Home, Men in Trees, Law & Order, Numb3rs, Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Bianca, Desperate Housewives (repeats on Lifetime)

    That too doesn’t include mid-season shows. And like you said will go down once shows get cancelled. I’m not good at stopping watching shows, while they’re still on…I think I get too attached. We have a lot of shows in common, so we’ll seem to get along great throughout this season. Except that you seem to enjoy reality TV, while there are only a select few that I watch.

    I’m interested to see other peoples lists, to see if they are as jam packed as mine or Jenny’s.


  • Rincey

    I have my TV schedule basically figured out… I don’t have DVRs, so i have to rely on a good old fashioned VCR to just tape shows for me. Otherwise I have to download them. Part of me is hoping some of these shows aren’t as great as they look because I am in college and need to work on my time management. We’ll see what happens.

    8pm – Brothers & Sisters

    8pm – Heroes / Vanished [taped]
    9pm – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

    7pm – Gilmore Girls [taped] / Friday Night Lights
    8pm – Veronica Mars
    9pm – Smith

    7pm – Jericho [taped]
    7:30pm – 30 Rock
    8pm – Lost
    9pm – The Nine

    7pm – Betty the Ugly
    8pm – Supernatural / Grey’s Anatomy [taped]
    9pm – ER / Six Degrees [taped]

  • Sam

    Jenny that’s a good plan regarding Lost. That way it’ll give you something to watch during the hiatus just in case you do get back into the show and won’t have to wait as long as the rest of us. If I’d have known they’d schedule the show this way this year, I’d probably do the same thing (save the episodes and watch them this year right before Feb, lol)

    As for my tv schedule, mine isn’t as diverse and jampacked as either of you guys’s list but here it is:

    Without a Trace, Desperate Housewives, Everybody Hates Chris(Tivo), The Amazing Race

    Prison Break, 24(eventually), Runaway(Tivo), Heroes,

    Friday Night Lights(Tivo), Law and Order: SVU, Veronica Mars, Smith, Nip/Tuck, House(Tivo)

    Lost, Day Break, One Tree Hill, Kidnapped(Tivo), The Nine, Jericho(maybe)

    Smallville, The O.C (Tivo)., Grey’s Anatomy, Six Degrees, The Office, My Name Is Earl(Tivo)

    Everything I’ve Tivoed through the week

    So I’m good with only one reality show, although I’m a sucker for them I admit (as long as they’re not from FOX or ABC-Dancing With the Stars and American Idol not withstanding) so I’ll probably be adding more of them to the list. I’d say there are about a good dozen or more shows I’ll be watching and recording this season than I did the last, but that’s mostly because I didn’t have Tivo last season and now I do. Bring on the good TV!

  • Just a little note from theTVaddict (also known as Daniel)

    Jenny, your TV schedule event puts me to shame, and I run a site called ‘theTVaddict’

    That said, I’m so excited for the fall season, and can’t believe we’re finally going to see our ‘friends’ from PRISON BREAK in less then two weeks.

    Stay tuned for ‘official’ TVaddict schedules that will be released, as well as a cool pdf where you can write out your own schedule for the new season.

  • Ashlyn

    Wow, you guys have really impressive schedules. I’ve had to make a few cuts from mine since I’m starting college this year. I’ll still be keeping up with old favorites and watching the best of the new stuff, however.

    7:00 Heroes
    8:00 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

    7:00 Gilmore Girls
    8:00 Veronica Mars

    7:00 Jericho
    7:30 30 Rock (RECORD)
    8:00 One Tree Hill
    8:00 Lost (RECORD)
    9:00 The Nine
    9:00 Kidnapped (RECORD)

    7:00 Smallville
    7:00 Ugly Betty (RECORD)
    8:00 Grey’s Anatomy
    9:00 Six Degrees

    8:00 Desperate Housewives

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  • Jim Suttle


    Silly question….did you get the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition from this last week? We missed it….bummer. Trying to find someone who has a copy so that we can get a copy of it.

    Actually…because of poor TV reception here….I would love to find someone who would record it for me each week and send it to me. I am willing to pay for the cost.

    Any takers?