theTVaddict Contest (2 days remaining)

Just thought I’d remind everyone, you have until Sunday (tomorrow) at midnight to enter theTVaddict’s first official contest. Thanks to everyone who have entered so far. Not suprisingly, many of you actually got the correct answer!

It’s time for’s first official spectacular incredible amazing CONTEST. Below is a photo of theTVaddict himself (Daniel) in front of a very famous TV house. Email with your guess as to what show the house is on, and what US state the house resides in (just to make the question a wee bit harder!). Every correct answer will be entered into a draw where the winner will get any piece of swag from Swag Shop ($12.99 or under). All entries must be emailed to me before Sunday August 13, 2006, with the winner being announced Monday August 14, 2006. Good Luck!

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