Dancing with the Stars, Really?

This morning, ABC’S GOOD MORNING AMERICA (Holy Network Sinergy Batman!) announced the ‘Stars’ that would be performing in DANCING WITH THE STARS 3, premiering September 12 at 8pm.

The list was made up of the usual bunch of no-name celebrities with a few nostalgic choices thrown into the mix. While I wasn’t surprised to see Joe (don’t call me ‘Joey’) Lawrence and Emmitt (obligatory sports star) Smith on the list, a few of the names did indeed surprise me.

MARIO LOPEZ: Way to throw away any new respectability gained from your appearance on the upcoming fourth season of NIP/TUCK. Although, on the plus side, any SAVED BY THE BELL star worth his share of HOT SUNDAE knows what an amazing dancer AC SLATER was!

VIVICA A. FOX: Has the star of some pretty respectable films (KILL BILL, ID4) and tv shows (ALIAS) really sunk so low? I wasn’t aware FOX’s career was on life support?


MONIQUE COLEMAN: Who on earth did she play in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Do I have to pause the DVD and replay the movie frame by frame to find out? A walk-on in HSM does not a ‘STAR’ make!

Check out ABC’s Dancing With the Stars web site for the full list of contestants.

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  • In other GREAT news, Harry Hamlin has my vote!!!! I love him. HA!

  • WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! The TV ADDICT does a reality TV post. Could it be that he finally acknowledges that the common TV watcher loves reality tv. Tucker Carlson is a hysterical choice, bow tie and all. No mention of Jerry Springer. You have to ask WHO IS MONIQUE COLEMAN?!?!?! Taylor, Chem Club PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

    The TV Addict drops the ball on this post. Someone needs to get their head in the game!


  • Gal Pal Ariel

    Hey tv addict I just heard something and even though I am only a podcast girl, who is not asked her thoughts on the Emmy’s I wanna make a post … what news could be worthy of a post you wonder?
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    I have had my fix watching the reruns but I know that you will be happy to stop wasting space on your pvr to watch Donna Martin Graduate… and listen to the pool speech…. etc Gotta love bev.

  • j-dog

    where’s dancing with the starts d-list sytle? i want danny bonaduce and kathy griffen on the show next year…followed by the tv addict himself in 2008…cause g-d knows by that time he will be a minor celebrity and would love to see you shake your cute ass on the dance floor.

  • Anonymous

    When was Vivica A. Fox on ALIAS?

  • Vivica A Fox came on late in the ALIAS game, playing the head of APO (not to be confused with SD6 or the CIA). Her role lasted a few episodes, and wasn’t very integral to the plot of the show.