Poll of the Week Question!

Loyal visitors to the site may have noticed that this week’s ‘POLL OF THE WEEK’ hasn’t changed as it generally does by the weekend. The sad truth is that I can’t think of a good question. Who’d have thought that thinking of a new question each and every week would be so difficult? So I’m here to plead for help. Please post below a new question for this week, and I’ll pick the best one and post it!

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  • Which TV show do you want to buy on DVD that is not already available?

    Ally McBeal
    (others of your own choosing because I don’t know what all is not available – sorry)

  • Which of the four Great Species of aliens have never been seen in the Stargate series?

  • Will

    As the network is coming to a close, Which WB show is your favourite of all time?

  • Common Sense

    How about:

    Which TV network do you watch the LEAST?


    I’d venture to say that, although CBS “claims” to be the most-watched network, most people are hard-pressed to name one single “appointment” show on that network. Very few people I know watch ANYTHING on CBS. Strange, but true.

  • Common Sense – so negative!

    Why not
    Which TV network do you watch the MOST! 🙂