Prison Break Season 2 Promo

Television’s new season starts early this year! In fact it’s less then one week away. Time to say goodbye to the endless reruns and that strange new phenomenom that has entered your life, you know ‘the outside world’. So say goodbye to your friends, family and social life, and say hello to your beautiful new flatscreen TV. PRISON BREAK THE ESCAPE also known as Season 2, premieres this Monday August 21 at 8pm (EST).

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  • heather:)

    i absolutly love this show this lady i know got me addicted to it last year…yeah i know i know i didnt get to watch it from the begining but hey its a damn good show well anyways we usually watch the show together every monday….but …..this last friday 8/25/06 she passed away so whoever reads this just keep her family in prayer please and thank you