NIP/TUCK Returns September 5

While I could cut-up last season for being too Carver-centric and having the most ridiculous/unbelievable finale on TV — the truth remains that NIP/TUCK, even at its worst, is still one of the most entertaining hours you’ll find on television. The FX drama is original, daring and filled with incredibly messed-up beautiful people (and who doesn’t love watching hot people screw up).

Season four looks to be back-on-track, with creator/genius Ryan Murphy back at the helm, and a line-up of Guest Stars that would make WILL & GRACE green with envy. Stay tunes all season long for pop-ins by Rosie O’Donnell, Mario Lopez (Saved by the Bell Alum Alert!), Kathleen Turner, Brooke Shields, Richard Chamberlain, Jaqueline Bisset and Catherine Deneuve.

Can’t wait for September 5th’s premiere, check out the preview below.

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