FOX Streaming Shows Online

Apparently, FOX is now streaming season 1 of BONES and PRISON BREAK right now. Being a MAC user, I can’t seem to access it, but I’d love to hear from PC users. Click on over to myFOX and let me know if you can actually watch episodes.

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  • Jenny

    Yup, you can watch episodes of Bones, Prison Break, The Loop, American Dad & Stacked. Only worked in IE for me, though, not Firefox.

  • babygirrr

    Yup, I got it to work to through my IE. However, they didn’t have the episode I missed at Christmas Time (for Bones) UGH! I still haven’t been able to see that one.

  • Beth

    Does anyone know if they will be posting the rest of the episodes for Prison Break season 1? It’s a tad frustrating that only the first half or so are up!

  • Jo

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the site (if you can access it) says that there is a “MAC version coming soon”. Doesn’t say when though.

  • Jo – thanks for the tip. Looking forward to the MAC version. (Yes, MAC’s do rule!)

  • Gary L

    Where is the link to access the previous Prison Break episodes. I missed Sept 18 and am wondering if I can see it. Thanks, what is the web link?

  • comp

    I can’t find any season 1 epiosodes, only season 2 ones. Anyone has the link?

  • comp

    sorry forgot to add: I am talking abt Prison Break.