EVERWOOD star visits THE OC

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted some news about everybody’s favourite cancelled-before-its-time show EVERWOOD, so here’s some great news to make up for it.

According to Ausiello over at TVGUIDE, EVERWOOD’s Chris Pratt (Bright), will be joining THE OC for a multi-episode arc this season. Pratt will play Che, an environmentalist that Summer (Rachel Bilson) befriends while away at college. Greg Berlanti, EVERWOOD’s creator said:

“I think it’s great for him to do an arc on another show this year, so that when pilot season comes around everybody remembers what a versatile and talented actor he is. I love Chris. I want to see him do really, really well.

the TV addict couldn’t agree more. The only bad news is that THE OC doesn’t premiere until November 2 (damn you baseball!).

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  • Hmmm I liked Everwood at first. Thought it was really cool to finally take a look at a father/son relationship. Then it got all drippy and hyper-emotional. And I know he was just a kid but come on, how much more of a disturbed “emo” could he be? How much of a blend of wisdom (which kids rarely if ever have) and utter stupidity can one person be bottled in with? I just couldn’t watch the last year, much too sappy.

  • @ Dave, did you see 7th Heaven in it’s last 2 seasons? Oh dear god…….. And I remember about 3 episodes there I started to lose interest in Everwood, but it came back very quickly, and I wish that they hadn’t cancelled it.

    Its good to see Chris Pratt out there acting. I hope that the rest of the old cast gets back into their game and starts doing TV shows again, or even better, movies, or even better, Everwood again :P.

  • Oh with my disdain for the lovey-dovey moral stories that 7th heaven shows, I’ve never watched the show. OK I watched once to know who this Biel person was after hearing about the pictures for Gear mag.

    Preferably I prefer story telling with heroes (or main characters) that suffer through their trials and don’t have a neatly wrapped up ending after 41 minutes. So 7th certainly wasn’t for me.

  • Nicole

    I wish all the luck in the world to Chris Pratt. He’s too talented to sit on the side lines…too bad it’ll be show cased on the OC. Oh well :p