OFFICE Thursdays!

A few OFFICE related tidbits for a slow Thursday newsday on Firstly, THE OFFICE webisodes air each and every Thursday (in case you’ve forgotten). Follow Kevin and the Accounting Staff as they try and discover the mystery of the missing $3000.00. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of webisodes (from any show) as I find 3 minute clips too short. I’ll watch the entire ‘episode’ as a whole once they’ve all been posted. Click here for the webisodes.

Secondly, my friend Kathie over at GIVE ME MY REMOTE is really nervous about tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE. No, it’s not because she had a small role as Paper Salesman #3. Rather she’s nervous because she’s hosting her first ever OFFICE chat over on If you’re a fan of THE OFFICE, do me (and more importantly) Kathie a favour by joining tonight’s chat. It’s tonight at 8:30pm. Click here for instructions on how to join. It’s FREE and will no doubt be FUN.

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