Predicting Fall TV’s Hit Shows

Today’s NYTIMES has a great article that reveals how hit TV shows are predicted, by measuring media and internet buzz. The Consumer Experience Practice, part of the Interpublic Group of Companies has been putting out a report for the past three years that previews more than two dozen new series being aired this fall, helping media buyers and companies choose where to spend their advertising dollars wisely. Some highlights of the report include:

Of the five new shows that consumers were discussing most often online in May and June, according to the report, four will be on NBC: “Heroes,” ranked first; “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” second; “30 Rock,” fourth; and “Friday Night Lights,” fifth.

Of the five new shows the report says were being discussed least often online in May and June, two will be on Fox — “Happy Hour,” 25th, and “Standoff,” 26th — and three will be on ABC: “Notes from the Underbelly,” No. 22; “Big Day,” No. 23; and “Help Me Help You,” No. 24.

Though the report seems to have picked some pretty obvious winners this fall (Studio 60, Heroes, really going out on a limb there!), it should be noted that last year, the report did identify COMMANDER IN CHIEF and THRESHOLD as winners. Fans of both shows know all to well that the only way they’ll see those shows again is if they go out and buy the DVD sets of the ‘complete’ series.

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  • The Concept for HEROES sounds REALLY good but will they exploit it properly or will it be a serial. I’m looking forward to it. The teasers are just fantastic.