A Teen Choice Travesty

Last night was possibly the biggest train wreck of an award show I”ve ever seen (to be truthful, my eyes couldn’t take the whole show, I was flipping back and forth). FOX aired the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS, a pandering inconsequential award show that pretty much shows us that TV networks think anyone between the ages of 10-20 are utter morons. Hosted by the usually funny Dane Cook and Jessica (I can only read off the tele-prompter, don’t make me improvise) Simpson, the show was just awful – filled with shameless movie plugs, boring speeches and an audience that wouldn’t stop screaming.

The night was capped off by the world premiere of Kevin Federline’s new rap single. No doubt you’ve read already how dreadful it is, but honestly, you have to just see it for yourself. [click here to watch it on youtube] With one performance, K-FED sunk whatever hope of a career he would have. The ‘song’ was painful to watch – this guy seriously can’t think he has talent? The oddest thing about the song, aside from the two random kids rapping at the beginning, was that K-FED, who started out as a dancer for Britney, didn’t even dance. Thankfully the show ended at 10pm and I was able to smarten myself up right away with HBO’s brilliant ENTOURAGE. With only one episode left, I’m definitely going to miss watching the adventures of Vinnie, E, Turtle, Drama and Ari.

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  • I DVR’d K-Fed’s “performance” so that I could let my roomies experience the pain with me all over again….Awful.

    My favourite part? Nick Lachey’s “Awkward” when he accepted his award, because his (moronic-in-an-over-the-top-way) ex-wife was “hosting” ha.

  • Tonya

    How sad that the only talent seen during Kfed’s performance were the initial dancers…I had to shut it off in the middle of the performance because it was so horrible…

  • Sam

    I for some reason turned the channel when he was about to peform. I guess I figured someone had to be embarassed for him.