Prison Break Returns (and Rocks!)

I was a bit apprehensive going into last night’s second season premiere of PRISON BREAK. Was the show indeed a one trick pony? Would the utter implausibility of the premise finally take its toll? Did the writers have enough creative vision in them to give us an exciting start to season 2? Having just watched the finale, the answer to all of the above questions was a resounding YES.

So where are we now? The surviving gang is back, and on the run from the law. But the law’s face has changed. William Fitchner has left his creepy town in Florida to play an FBI agent assigned assigned to hunt down the cleverly dubbed ‘Fox River 8’ . Last nights premiere set in motion a very interesting cat and mouse game between Fitchner’s lawman (for the life of me, I don’t think he’s been given a name yet) and our hero Michael Scofield. The only thing that was missing was a scene where they confronted each-other on the edge of a waterfall!.

In other news, T-Bag is still alive (albeit a hand lighter) and is in the process of forcing a Veterinarian to surgically re-attach his missing hand. Fans of ER be sure to tune in next week, an incredibly gross surgery will no doubt ensue.

Finally, the big surprise! Last year’s worst story-line/character comes to a really surprising end. I won’t ruin it for those who have yet to watch the episode. But I’ll say this. I’m happy the character is gone, as his/her scenes were completely dead weight on an otherwise fantastic show.

Okay, enough with the gushing, I wouldn’t be a proper TV addict if I didn’t take a moment to rip apart a premiere that hundreds of talented creative people took weeks to concoct. So here it goes.

1) Holy Foreshadowing Batman! William Fitchner’s FBI agent has a secret – he takes pills. It’s not enough for there to be an FBI agent – he has to be an agent with a ‘problem’. No doubt this problem will come into play later on in the season. It will be interesting to see what those pills are actually for. My guess, probably not Viagra.

2) The episode started off with our escapees running for their lives in daylight! I may not have the best memory, but I sort of recall that when we last saw PRISON BREAK, the gang was running from helicopters in the dark on an airstrip. Boy time flies when you’re on the run.

3) Sara survived. No doubt a network mandate – keep the cute girl on the show. But she sure did make an awfully fast recovery from that apparent drug overdose.

That said, I loved the premiere, and I’m way too giddy that new TV has returned (I think Sunday’s TEEN CHOICE AWARDS were the final straw – I was one more K-Fed performance away from giving up TV altogether). As his final message indicated to Sara, count me in as one more viewer who’ll anxiously be watching Michael’s plan unfold as he makes everything ‘right again’.

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  • Jenny

    I enjoyed it a lot as well! I’m not as thrilled as most everyone else it seems like about the big twist that happened at the end, but I’m not unhappy about it either. I do like the information we gleamed from it, though!

    All in all, I can’t wait to see more!

  • Sam

    I love how different the show feels now. I was a little worried it wouldn’t be as good with them not being in prison, but adding the new detectiv character to counter Michael and all his moves makes the show more interesting this season, as he’s no longer the only brain in the room.

    I aboslutely love that big twist no one saw coming! No one liked the character (did anyone?) and it makes sense considering Michael and co are already guilty of having escaped jail, no need for the character really.

    Sitll though, I couldn’t get around some of the plot holes (were really supposed to believe everyone ran all night long?) but it was much better than last season’s frustrating finale.

  • Jenny

    I don’t see why everyone didn’t like the character. *shrug* I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it either.

  • Awful episode. They should have ended it after the first (and great) season. This season won’t catch my attention for very long. The FBI agent? Come on…There is no way anyone on earth could piece together the things he did yesterday…Ie – the name tag, sending divers to the river, etc…

    I hope the rest of the episodes get better.

    This season could be worse than LOST season 2.

  • Common Sense


    Sure, PB’s the most-implausible show on the air (the only thing missing from T-Bag’s journey is a visit to Dr. Mudd)…but it is fun, most of the time.

    Still don’t know what you dislike about LOST. It might be the best TV show ever, and last season was (with few exceptions) always surprising and thrilling.

    What did everyone (anyone) think of “Vanished” after Prison Break? Is it anything that will bring you back for more…or are we all just biding our time till RUNAWAY premieres on The CW?

  • Sam

    OMG AddictAddict, what is this you speak of? You..gasp…HATED Lost season 2. I admit that it was a bit uneven in certain places and not as stellar as the first season, but come on! It’s not like it was Desperate Housewives Season 2 bad.

    I didn’t find myself interested in the ten minutes of Vanished I watched last night. Granted, I came in a half hour late, but coming in that late on a show like Veronica Mars or Lost and I’d still find interest, even if I would feel a bit Lost from having done so.

    I myself will wait for Kidnapped. I’ve seen the first episode and that actually is interesting, if a bit dry. Runaway was okay too, but it felt a little too family drama to me, which is the main reason why I don’t watch 7th Heaven. I think I might watch a couple more episodes though. To give it a chance.

    Not liking Lost….what is the world coming to………..

  • Common Sense – I watched 75% of VANISHED. I’m embarassed to say I was doozing off near the end. I honestly liked the show and will give it another chance next week. But honestly, I’m most likely just watching the show until HEROES premieres on NBC.

  • Sam,

    LOST season 2 was the most tedious season of a show I have ever witnessed.

  • jack

    who died? i havent seen it yet and are scofield’s tatoos real?