Veronica Mars on DVD

The second season of VERONICA MARS is released today on DVD. If you missed watching ‘Television’s Best Drama’ (Entertainment Weekly), now’s your chance to get caught up before the third season premieres on the new CW (October 3, 9PM).

Join Veronica Mars, undoubtedly TV’s coolest heroine this side of Sunnydale High, as she attempts to complete her senior year of high school – in one piece. Aside from worrying about college, Veronica must solve a mysterious bus crash, choose between two boyfriends, contend with a rival gang war, and find out who raped her. You know, your average high school experience.

Complicated plot twists aside (hey, that’s what DVDS are for – the rewind button), pick up this DVD and you’ll quickly discover why critics and fans alike have fallen in love with VERONICA MARS.

Check on Veronica Mars on DVD on Amazon, on sale now for only $37.99.

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  • Jo

    I picked it up at Future Shop this morning and could not believe that CTV had the audacity to put a “As Seen On CTV” sticker on the packaging when they didn’t even show season 2! IMO CTV is the most annoying Canadian channel for trying to watch anything other than hit shows, what with the skipped episodes, moving timeslots, lack of advertising for non-hit shows and the tendency to just drop shows with no warning. Too bad they ‘own’ so many hit shows otherwise they might actually have to get their act together and stop ticking off their viewers.

  • Jo- that is completely ridiculous of CTV… ‘As Seen on CTV’ HA! more like ‘As Seen on CTV whenever we want to cram it into the schedule, which is practically never’.

  • More like, “as seen on”