Breaking News: Patty Hearst to Guest Star on VERONICA MARS has learned that Patty Hearst is scheduled to star in a November Sweeps episode of VERONICA MARS, airing November 21, 2006. Hearst will portray the granddaughter of the founder of the show’s fictional university – Hearst College. A member of the institution’s Board of Trustees, her character will mysteriously go missing the night before an important vote regarding the university’s future.

Ms. Hearst has appeared in several feature films including “Cecil B. DeMented,” “Cry Baby” and “Serial Mom.” Her television credits include guest turns on “Frasier,” “Boston Common” and “Son of the Beach” among others.

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  • Mark

    Awesome!! Did you see Ausiello’s scoop about Laura San Giacomo joining the show too??

  • Yeah I saw that. JUST SHOOT ME was a complete Guilty Pleasure of mine, so that will be tons of fun to watch.