A 90210 Emmy Snub

No, as the title may suggest, 90210 wasn’t ‘robbed’ of an Emmy Nomination. Rather, show organizers recently announced that on Sunday’s Emmy telecast, Legendary producer AARON SPELLING will be celebrated for his contribution to Television ( I actually hold Spelling responsible for my total addiction to TV). NBC announced that “stars from some of Spelling’s numerous hit series” would participate. More specifically, Joan Collins, 7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins, as well as Melrose Place, T.J. Hooker, and Dynasty goddess Heather Locklear.

This TV addict couldn’t help but notice that an actor or actress from BEVERLY HILLS 90210 was suspiciously left off the above list. According to a spokesperson from NBC, “The [Emmy] producers decided on certain shows, and 90210 was one of the ones they decided not to do.”

Now I’m not one to stir controversy, but I think it’s completely unacceptable that an actor/actress from 90210 wasn’t invited to pay tribute to Aaron Spelling. 90210 revitalized Aaron Spelling’s career, and was responsible for making Spelling relevant again in the world of TV. Before 90210, Spelling had been written off by networks and critics alike. Variety even went as far to say, in a headline following DYNATSY’S cancellation, ‘Spelling Dynasty Over’.

The success of 90210 in the early 90’s brought TV fanatics countless more years of delicious television enjoyment. Without the success of 90210, we never would have had MELROSE PLACE, MODELS INC, CHARMED, TITANS, PACIFIC PALISADES and 7th HEAVEN. And while I personally could live without 7th HEAVEN I definitely thank Aaron for Melrose, Models and 10 years of the gang from West Beverly.

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  • Dominique

    90210 changed the face of TV. It was the first or one of the first TV show for teens. I cannot understand the emmy. 90210 should be right there! Sad news…

  • Rincey

    I agree with the shock, but may it have something to do with Tori? Rumors are flying that they [whether it be NBC, the Emmy people, or her mom, i’m not sure] didn’t want her at the ceremony and so maybe they ignored all of 90210 because Tori was a main character and it would look even worse if they had, say, Jennie Garth or Jason Priestly instead of her.